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Dog Adoption Has Increased by 12 Over the Course of the Pandemic

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York May 16, 2021 ( – The rate of pet adoption and pet ownership has increased over the course of the pandemic, with PetPoint reporting a 12% increase in the adoption of shelter dogs in 2020 compared to previous years. While pet ownership is not without its share of responsibilities, 93% of people in a recent Rover study reported improved mental and/or physical well-being as a result of their new four-legged friend.

For those looking to buy or adopt a dog, choosing a name is no small feat. Because pet owners view their pets as an extension of their family, the dog’s name is a reflection of the dog and its owner.

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Puppylists has launched a puppy name tool that offers puppy name ideas across a variety of categories. Users can find girl and boy puppy names, as well as dog names that are gender-neutral. The tool includes classic dog name ideas, but also more current options that reflect the cultural interests of millennials, who are now the largest group of dog owners according to CompareCamp.

The most popular puppy names in 2020 were “Bella” and “Max” for female and male dogs, respectively. However, the best dog name is the one that fits you and your dog. A dog owner that loves books might pick their favorite literary character for their pet’s name, whereas someone more into pop culture might pick a puppy name from a recent TV show or music group. Other puppy name trends include food names (like Pepper or Bagel) or nature-centric and “cottagecore” names like Poppy or Willow. Whatever the case may be, the best puppy names are those that feel personal to you.

To use the free tool, visit Puppylist’s puppy name generator.

First-time dog owners can also download a checklist of what new puppy owners should prepare before welcoming their new friend home. Download the free puppy checklist PDF here.


Puppylists is the passion project of a long-time dog lover who wants to share the joys of dog ownership with other humans.


The Free Name Tool Generates 15 Names at a Time

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