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Justice must always be served but never at the expense of anyones fundamental rights

Sharon Nahari is a renowned lawyer and expert on white-collar, international law, and extradition. Nahari also serves as the chairman of the Extradition and International Crime Committee of the Israel Bar Association.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bnei Brak, Hamerkaz May 19, 2021 ( – Nahari runs the Sharon Nahari Boutique Law Firm– a firm that was selected by BDI Code and Dun’s 100 as one of the leading law firms in Israel on white-collar and extradition law.

Sharon Nahari’s ingenious expertise in extradition law in Israel became more famous when he successfully prevented one of his clients, Tomer Yoseph, from extradition to the United States of America.

Had Nahari not been Yosef’s lawyer, he could have been extradited to the US to face trials and possibly serve his jail terms. This is only one example of the numerous clients Sharon Nahari has represented in court over the years and helped prevent extradition to foreign lands.

As a specialist in white-collar and overseas extraditions, Sharon Nahari represented Yosef in court for fraud and impersonation charges. Yosef was under a criminal investigation in the United States for fraud and impersonation of employees at the International Edelman Public Relations firm.

Yosef allegedly impersonated the employees of the firm to extract more money from the Kalkshtein family. The whole investigation began in February 2017, when Yosef was arrested at Ben-Gurion Airport with a request for extradition by the U.S authorities due to the complaint filed by the Kalkshtein family.

Before his arrest in 2017, Yosef entered a business partnership in August 2013 with the Kalkstein family about his app, ‘Meetey’ – a proposed social media networking app created by Tomer Yosef to provide data on events happening in a user’s neighborhood.

The Kalkshtein family met the then 37-year-old Yosef in his Hod Hasharon Offices in 2013 and purchased 33% of the company’s shares. Yosef presented the family with the app and false proof that the app had already had 100,000 users. According to the Kalkshtein family, Yosef impersonated the employees of the International Public Relations firm Edelman to obtain $1.6 million from the family.

The Kalkshtein family filed a complaint in the US that requested Tomer Yosef’s extradition by the U.S authorities. However, with Nahari as his lawyer, Yosef was prevented from extradition by signing a plea bargain in Israel to end the American legal process.

As an international law expert, Sharon Nahari is well-known for getting Interpol’s Red Notices revoked and overseas extradition prevented.

In his words, Sharon Nahari commented: “Justice must always be served rightly, but it should never be at the expense of anyone’s fundamental rights. I dutifully represent my clients, prevent them from extradition and get Interpol to revoke already-issued red notices”.

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Sharon Nahari Boutique Law Firm
The Sharon Nahari Law Firm, established over 15 years ago, handles complex and ramified extradition cases and provides a variety of counseling, legal treatment and representation services for suspects as well as defendants in various white-collar and criminal offenses in all courts. The firm’s staff includes a winning team of the best lawyers, who provide a professional, meticulous and courteous service of course, to a wide and diverse clientele.
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