New Dallas Rapper SIR COG is Creating a New Route to Hiphop Music With his Bangers


Clever wordplay, engaging rapping style and brilliant production have united in the latest bangers by SIR COG. This New Dallas Rapper has released a lot of singles.

A rising light in hip hop, rapper SIR COG is enriching the industry with his catchy wordplay and amazing sense of rhythm and melody. The rapper is well-seasoned and capable of performing with any kind of sound design which keeps his creativity flowing. Some of his bangers like ‘Wit My Pen’, ‘This Ain’t No Joke’, ‘They’re Dying’, ‘They’re Dependin’ On Me’, etc are proof of his skill, consistency, and creativity which never stops. The artist’s eclecticism and indulgent rap flow help to establish the subject matter in each track with a subtle dose of confidence and sheer individuality. These bangers are highly recommended to not only hip hop enthusiasts but all kinds of listeners around the globe.


This versatile and talented New Dallas Rapper has made some significant progress through the industry as well as his musical journey with each release. His catchy wordplay and rhyming skills make the bangers more engaging and impactful. In the latest mixtape, the artist has come up with a brilliant title, ‘So I Really Came Outta Genocide’; and the abbreviation is his artist name. He also released ‘Barz & Strypez Music’, and ‘The Reallustrator 2’. The latter one is a collection of freestyle tracks that came two years back. Some of the tracks are, ‘Whip Game Freestyle’, ‘Whatchamacallit! Freestyle’, ‘Trap Numbers Freestyle’, etc and many others. The verses in each track come straight out of his heart and gut which makes it raw, intriguing, and enjoyable at the same time.

With persistent musical career and numerous singles, this hip-hop artist has gained much recognition from the listeners as well as fellow rappers. Currently, the rapper is planning to drop album series and more exquisite bangers in this summer of 2021. Follow SIR COG on SoundCloud to listen to his musical arsenal. He is also available on Facebook.

To check out the songs of SIR COG, visit the given link :  https://soundcloud.com/sircog



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