Orange Country Commissioners Deciding Bans on Pet Stores, Justified?


Orlando, Jun 3, 2021 ( – (June 3, 2021): In recent days, the commissioners of Orange County were engaged in a discussion regarding the imposition of Orange County Pet Store Ban in Florida county. As their argument, they mentioned consumer protection and the claims that sick puppies were sold in the pet stores are making the consumers having a lot of problems financially and emotionally. From Commissioner Nicole Wilson and Commissioner Emily Bonilla the options are there.

However, there was also an admission done by them in a recently held public meeting in the month of May by the Orange County leaders that according to the data collected, 99% of the consumers who have purchased the puppies, have gone home with utmost satisfaction. This clearly shows the fact that not many such incidents have taken place where sick puppies were sold. It was Mayor Demings who answered the queries. He also stated that 149 complaints in total have been files and all of these complaints were not about the sickness of puppies.

The timeframe of all these complaints was not mentioned by the Mayor (it is a fact that there are pet stores in Orange County that have been in this business for more than 10 years), but it is true that compared to the other businesses, the number of complaints is quite less. In fact, it is a fact that 149 complaints is not a huge number if considered the fact the report is only based on 8 pet stores of Orange County. Mayor Demings also has not nullified the chance that a number of complaints in this list may have been double-counted if the consumers have complained through different sources.

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There are more answers that the Mayor has mentioned that about 8000 puppies were sold in the year 2021 and out of which complaints have come about 149 puppies. 98% satisfaction ratings have been there.

Now that the satisfaction level is of 98% without any complaints, then it is highly unnecessary to waste time in the discussion of the Orlando Pet Store Ban of these 8 pet stores. Discriminations should not be made when it comes to the proper revenue and employment opportunities when the work is perfect.

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