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The Song ‘Life Is a Catchy Song’ by Pennsylvania Hip Hop Artist ZeNilism Presents a Melodic Experience



Music artist ZeNilism is presenting his interpretation of music and themes through the verses of his newly released track, ‘Life is a catchy song’. The remastered songs is produced by Ryini and mixed by xxx XtraOrdinair and presents a captivating saga through the vice of the artist. He is passionate and resilient throughout the song as if making the audience comfortable in the new tunes. His mastery exemplifies throughout the track as he glides across the different undulations creating a thematic saga of its own. With knowledge in metal and R&B, this song emerges as one of the most affluent and creatively fulfilling songs out there.

The Pennsylvania hip hop artist has collaborated with various music producers over the years with Ryini as his latest companion for the track, Life is a catchy song. Rapper and multi-genre artist Jeffrey Joseph Smulligan hails from Frackville, Pennsylvania who has contributed largely to music in the scope of hip hop, metal, and R&B. His music, no matter what genre, is captivating and provides the audience with a sense of relatability and understanding. Apart from his avatar as a musician, he is a spiritual being inside that leads him to create music with utmost sincerity. He considers music as self-expression and the solution to a lot of instabilities in life.

Artist ZeNilism believes in the healing and therapeutic power of music and hopes to create a sustainable soundscape for that purpose. He has also released numerous songs throughout his career such as ‘Sing this ballad’, ‘Freedom Free style’, ‘Awakening’, and ‘Mother of my mother’. His music touches the soul and heart in some way or the other and leads the audience towards a direction of individual closure. Listen to his music by following him on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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