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The Album Sweetheart…Ver.2 by Pop Music Artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes Is Musically Refreshing


O'Neill Fernandes

Music artist O’Neill Fernandes is presenting some of the most melodic covers of classic tunes through all the 21 songs of his latest album,  ‘Sweetheart…Ver.2’  This album is a follow-up or a new version of the previous, Sweetheart…Vol. 1 that came out in June 2019. Having recorded his album during a time of crisis, they consider it a reflection of his own life alongside music as the biggest space for respite. The album contains different love ballads includeThe Lady In Redwhich he recorded and dedicated to his loving wife Linda. The songs reveal our life and its colors in a musical marriage.

The album contains various songs include ‘Sweetheart’, a track originally by Engelbart Humperdinck from 1971. The record contains many songs each of which represents something special in his life. Another song, ‘The Way It Used to Be’ is also reflective in many ways and guides both the artist and the audience into their respective closures. As the biggest fan of Sir Cliff Richards, this Pop music artist from Perth has also featured songs in tribute to him in this album. His songs include ‘Three Little Words (I Love You)’, ‘A Little In Love’, ‘Just One Look’, and ‘Wonderful World’ among many others. Songs from the 60s to that from the 90s feature in the Sweetheart…Ver.2 album representing music through the generations of evolution.

Artist O’Neill Fernandesis an independent musician who infuses relatable sentiments in his songs. Currently, he is working on a new project called ‘Down Under’ which is a tribute album dedicated to Australian bands and artists and spans across generations. It is due for release in late September or early October 2021. Thus, his music has a greater purpose beyond recreational joy which constantly allows him to connect and make music on his own terms. Follow him on SoundCloud, Youtube, and Facebook for more information.

Please visit here to listen to the EP music of O’Neill Fernandes: https://soundcloud.com/oneill-fernandes/sets/sweetheartver2


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