Listen to the Best Remastered Musical Streaks with Canada Based Artist and Producer Zarbo


Electronic and dance music and pop artist Zarbo is bringing back the musical magic of the 80s and giving it a contemporary twist. His music stands with an individuality of its own with an outstanding production accompanying the rhythms and lyrics. The bridge that his music creates between the old school styles of rock and the new streaks of modern-day pop and EDM is outstanding. The electronic remix of the song, ‘Get Up And Dance’ is one of his most compelling tracks that expose the audience to new horizons. The peppy song is ideal for a large stream of audiences of all ages and interests.


He is also the founder of a band by the same name as his where he was the frontman. He amalgamates his sound with not just rock but also pop, hip hop, and most significantly, Electronic Dance Music. In 2020, he also remastered the track, ‘Correction In Direction’ that delivers the perfect balance between two opposite flavors. Alex is also looking forward to re-banding and restore their creative league with a new and surprising song. The Canada based artist and producer has many other songs to his name such as ‘Save Your Money’, ‘Getting To The Point’, ‘Oh Momentum’, and ‘Unchained Melody’.

Currently, Zarbo is moving in a direction of discovering a new sound influenced by the scope of EDM. His music allows his audience to think outside the box that is symbolic of their own lives as well. His music is the perfect example of old school meets new school and changing musical expectations or standards forever. His style is eccentric and different making his soundscape emerge with a new identity. Listen to his music and get enriched by his extent of creative acceptance by following him on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Linktree, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube.

For more tracks of Zarbo, Please go through the below link : https://soundcloud.com/zarboofficial




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