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Professional ways to recover stolen crypto wallets.



Crypto Recovery Services You Can Trust.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Sep 30, 2021 ( – is a pioneering positive trailblazing force in the cryptography and blockchain sphere. Comprising of an elite team of financial, legal, and forensic cryptography experts providing professional crypto recovery services to clients in need of guidance to recover stolen crypto wallets from scams and fraudulent investments.


 Veritas crypto repo is a well-structured organisation that utilises the latest cutting edge forensic cryptography techniques, equipment, and systems, along with a professional and experienced staff base who have been thoroughly trained to provide the highest efficiency and quality at all times to ensure that service is almost always successful at a 94% rate so far and striving to push it even further higher. The organisation is confident in its success rate and abilities to engineer and work with the blockchain to unravel crypto transactions involving or clients and their parties to enable our clients to recover stolen crypto wallets and lost passwords. provides professional crypto recovery services that enable our client’s recovery for cryptocurrencies such as but not limited to  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, also their respective wallets.

“For now, the services we render are unique to our organisation exclusively in the whole world,” said Jude Stanley, Chief Operations Officer (C.O.O) at Veritas crypto repo.

Jude Stanley talking to world press said:

“We were founded in 2015, borne out of sheer passion, zeal, and respect for the limitless possibilities and potential that cryptography and the blockchain eco-system possesses and empowers us with, where we can now utilise this expertise to provide professional crypto recovery services to our clients who have been unfairly cheated in crypto online transactions want to recover stolen crypto wallets.”

Within the past two years, veritas crypto repo and indeed all well-intentioned players in the crypto sphere have seen an upward rise in the conversations and actions around crypto and its ability to be safely owned, stored, and transacted with.


That is why the organisation’s strength focuses on the ability to properly counsel, assess and investigate the client’s case be it in recovering a client’s stolen crypto wallet or loss or scam in a transaction involving crypto. Whether it’s in trying to remember a lost crypto wallet password, or recover a hacked or mistakenly deleted crypto wallet, seed phrase, or password. 


The company team consists of over 200 staff in three countries. Consisting of different parts – Forensic, Legal, Financial, Customer care/compliance, and Field departments. All parts working together to make a functioning whole and ultimately providing clients access to professional crypto recovery services that enable our clients to recover stolen crypto wallets and passwords lost to hacks, scams, and investment fraud.


Veritas crypto repo understands the value of trust and reputation in this system that is why every client case is handled meticulously and transparently and information is shared, secured, and made available at all times exclusively to the client.

Our elite team is on standby and always online to consult with you without any cost. 



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