4 Smart Tips to Select the Best Press Release Package for Effective PR Distribution


Best Press Release Package

Businesses are always exploring new ventures to attract their customers. But if the news of those events does not go out, it will all be in vain. Distributing press releases is the best way to spread the story across the market. A well-crafted press release can effortlessly increase traffic to your website, establish a good brand image; improve brand visibility, and more. A good press release distribution company with an affordable press release package can place your story in the top media outlets in your specific industry. In order to acquire the full benefits of press release distribution, you need to choose the ideal PR package. Here are some tips on how to choose the right press release package for your business:

1. Variety

Press release distribution services deliver your PR to the target audience through plenty of media coverage. A good PR agency shares your message with the consumers, who are interested in your products or services. These companies are armed with a wide range of distribution packages.

  • In a basic distribution package, you can get guaranteed placement in the most common media outlets.
  • The other upgraded packages may let you target the specific media houses, regularly visited by your target audience.
  • Some services even offer location and demographic targeting in their packages.
  • Some offer press release writing in some of their packages.
  • Most distribution companies provide search engine optimization in all of their packages.

You need to choose a PR service that offers a variety of packages that suit all your requirements. Selecting the right package can help your company grow in the right direction.

2. Pricing

Pricing is the most important deciding factor for choosing a press release package. The cost of press release distribution depends on different companies. A basic press release package can starts from as low as $21 on some websites while others can charge you $50 for their starting packages. Some companies offer free press release distribution services. But they are mostly full of ads and not effective at all. Some paid PR services offer one initial free package that can help you get acquainted with the press release process.

3. Quality over Quantity

Press release services offer PR distribution to hundreds of media outlets in most of their packages. But the packages should include relevant media outlets that can help you reach the target audience. An ideal press release package should focus on distributing to quality publishers rather than a huge number of press outlets.

4. Additional Services

A profitable press release package should offer some additional services other than PR distribution. Some press release distribution companies provide PR writing services formed by professional writers who are well-versed with the requirements of the industry. In some packages, you can also get a multi-media service. It makes your press release much more attractive to the readers.

Keep these factors in mind while choosing a press release package. Make sure the company you are buying it from, is reliable and secure.


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