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Renado Saco’s Newest Release, ‘ATB 9PM Till I Come (Renado Saco Remix #3)’ Makes The Audience Crave More



Techno music is proved to be highly addictive due to its steady and repetitive rhythmic flairs that have a soothing effect on the mind. The genre is swiftly becoming highly popular among the younger generation due to its universal resonance. The speedy growth of the music form is due to the intense effort of brilliant musicians like Renado Saco. He has been contributing a lot to take the genre to the next level. His most recent creation, ‘ATB 9PM Till I Come (Renado Saco Remix #3)’ is a masterpiece with the rhythmic magnificence of the original still intact.


He started making music and mixing beats from a very young age. His willingness to incorporate elements from other musical forms and full dedication have brought him to the position he is at now. He started his career by doing remixes of his favorite songs and now he makes both remixes and originals. Inspired by the legends like ATB, Rufus Du Sol, Tupac Shakur, and more, the Michigan-based music producer always tries to bring newer elements to the game. He remixes songs by his favorite artists infusing his own flavors into the mix without losing the dignity of the original one.

As an independent music producer, the gifted artist knows no boundary when it comes to mixing different rhythmic elements. Renado Saco is always challenging himself to become better and more advanced in terms of mixing and revitalizing diverse tunes. His new techno banger, ATB 9PM Till I Come (Renado Saco Remix #3)’ brings the audience to the dancefloor with its addictive beats. His piano playing knowledge has helped him a lot to create the brilliant rhythmic flow of the track. Listen to his other tracks like ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’, ‘2 pac troublesome ’96 Instrumental remake 2’, ‘Sunrise Cafe’, ‘Stronger’, and more on SoundCloud. Follow him on Spotify and Twitter for more.

His track is trending on major apps like Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-776819780/atb-9pm-till-i-come-renado-saco-remix-3


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