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Menu Design Group Launches New Pizzeria Digital Menu Board Solutions


Pizzeria Digital Menu Boards

Specially designed for pizza shops looking to increase sales, Menu Design Groups pizza digital menu boards turn any tv into an engaging digital menu board.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Jacksonville, Florida Nov 10, 2021 ( – Immediately available, Menu Design Group (MDG) today released new pizzeria digital menu board solutions that allow pizza restaurants of any size to remotely control and edit their menu pizza boards from any computer, from anywhere. In addition, this new technology gives restaurant management complete control over the menu, promotions, and advertising messages displayed on any tv.

Using our digital menu board software, restaurants can now easily set up their menus to play. In addition, restaurants can set slideshow-style video ad promotions to rotate through. This ability to better showcase your deals and specials allow pizzerias to beat advertise, upsell and improve sales,” said Phil from MDG. “From adding 4k clips of fresh dough being made to videos of pizzas coming out of the oven, restaurants have full access to our royalty-free pizzeria images, clipart, and a videos library.”

Straightforward and Effective 

Included with MDGs digital menu board software is a complete library of customizable pizza templates. Utilizing the templates, restaurants can input their items, insert images of their food, including scrolling special tickers, and incorporate their social media feeds.

  • Remotely control all of your menus
  • Create and manage your digital menu from computer
  • Make on the fly edits to your menu items and pricing
  • Preschedule your menus and advertisements to autoplay at defined times
  • All changes you make on the computer will wirelessly be sent to your tvs

Turnkey and Easy

For pizzerias looking to have a complete and custom, professionally designed digital menu, MDG offers one-time cost pizzeria digital menu board options. Send MDG your menu, and they custom create it and set it up for you to send to your tv. This value-added, affordable option gets pizzerias a well-designed, easy to set up digital menu. 

Proven Reliable

For over ten years, MDG has been helping Pizzerias design, develop, and deploy digital menu boards. With a focus on effectiveness and ease of use, MDGs’ digital menu boards give pizza shops auto-play without restaurant staff configuring settings. 

In addition, all of the menu and media caches locally onto the digital menu. This ensures the menu will always be playing on the TV even without internet connectivity.

About Menu Design Group

 Custom-designed restaurant menus have been a specialty of The Menu Design Group (MDG) for over a decade! In addition to traditional blackboard-style menus, MDG also offers pizza menu templates, coffee shop menu templates, BBQ menu templates, and digital menu boards. In addition, MDG offers turnkey restaurant menu designs that are just outstanding.

When it comes to creating menus, MDG follows industry standards. Using the Golden Triangle, appropriately captioning photos, developing a balanced menu arrangement, and naming and describing items are all part of this. The final menu template design will be visually beautiful, understandable, and impactful when these menu engineering processes are followed.


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Pizza Digital Menu BoardsPizzeria Digital Menus

Media Contact

Menu Design Group

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(678) 782-8212

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