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Artist Kie Napier is Now Set with his Latest Track MR CLEAN to Become a Colossal Figure in Hiphop


MR CLEAN by Kie Napier

Promising hip-hop artist Kie Napier has brought a new song MR CLEAN for hip-hop music lovers. Intriguing beat, captivating lyricisms are the seminal feature of it.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Leeds, England Nov 10, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – A very promising and emerging hip-hop artist and rap star, Kie Napier, has come up with his latest track music video ‘D4Y ONEZ – MR CLEAN (SCUDDADAT RIDDIM). The song depicts the artist’s deep understanding of lyricism. Combining beats and lyrics with accuracy the artist has proven himself way ahead of his contemporaries. His superiority in music is understood through his style, which is rhythmic and bears the overall theme of his song. The song reflects the attitude of the artist to his music and his life. The lyrics and the vocals of the artist have depicted his confidence in the composition.

The beats that blend with the rap so perfectly, that the track comes out as one of the most expressive songs of this genre. The lyricism that is the most highlighting feature of the song is not only expressive but also captivating. It captures the whole attention of the audience throughout its playtime. Moreover, the song carries a thematic significance which is bolstered so explicitly by its lyricism. MR. CLEAN is kind of a song that needs an artist’s full dedication to justify the composition, which Kie Napier seems to have put with his full attention.

The artist seems to possess good knowledge about poetic techniques, such as, double entendre, internal rhyme and meter, as these elements are there predominantly in the track. Further enhancing the quality of his lyrics the artist is quite selective about the rhetoric and he has applied them beautifully in the song. Even, his other songs, ‘Venom freestyle’, ‘Binocular’, ‘Check it’, on YouTube are also showcasing these features meticulously. However, he tries to provide his originality with uniqueness in all his songs to not get confused with any other hip-hop artists. All his songs are waiting to be listened on his channel. He also has built his presence in SoundCloud.



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