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Political Thriller Tree of Liberty by noted author Lawrence L. Allen Expanded Version This Fall



TOL (Tree of Liberty) is one of the most captivating political thrillers that’s both enlightening and prophetic. America is thrust in the whirlwind of past practices disguised as innovative policy and China is driving the narrative.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Nov 23, 2021 ( – TREE OF LIBERTY written by noted author and educator Lawrence L. Allen.

What comes to mind when you think of America’s political machine disrupting life and canceling the rights of individuals to choose what is best for their family; what’s at stake? FREEDOM!

In his new thrilling novel, Tree of Liberty, Allen spares no punches as he captures readers’ attention page-after-page in a steely expose.

NOTE: the book spans 1988 to 2022. So I suggest this: that begins in the roaring 1980s and ends at the present discourse in the world today. And yep, you guessed it, China is right where he said it would be meddling in our democracy.

A snippet: From the Doolittle Raid in 1942 to Afghanistan in 2002 to Washington D.C. in 2022 the Bradley family has fought against tyranny. When the Deep State steals Americans’ most precious inheritance–their freedom–can Curtiss Bradley preserve American liberty for future generations by launching a second shot heard ’round the world?

Whereas in China forty years earlier, when Deng Xiaoping’s axiom that it “didn’t matter what color the cat was as long as it caught mice” launched reformations that put China on a long road of economic and political liberalization. In 2016 America, the political color of the cat had become more important than its ability to catch the mice.

America’s downward spiral from the dichotomy of political and economic shifts is a huge sign the universe is sending that impacts the priceless gift of our FREEDOM to live as Americans.

Tree of Liberty is a great read and makes a wonderful gift for the intellectual political thrill-seeker or history aficionado. In addition, moms and dads, the value of this book will lend great strength to family discussions for younger generations. On sale November 26th everywhere but presently online via, Amazon, Barnes, and Noble.

This is a book I encourage everyone to send to their U.S. Senator or House of Representatives for Christmas… The current debate is still about freedom and if we lose our voice, we lose America.


Stellar REVIEWS:


“The entertainment and thought power of the story and main characters were some of the best I’ve had the pleasure of reading. The expression of virtue, freedom, and the courage required to take action is monumental, yet seems to settle naturally. I hope future generations can grasp the truth, value, and the cost of freedom and commit to maintaining it.” – Billy G. Powers 

“Lawrence Allen is an author of the first order. Tree of Liberty is an amazing first novel. If you enjoy history, mystery, and intrigue, this book is for you!” – donnal

“This story captivated me. I wanted to savor all the details of Curtiss’s journey, but I wanted to race to see the resolution of his journey as well. Lawrence Allen takes his time laying out each adventure Curtiss encounters and weaves them all together into a single coherent narrative. I am looking forward to reading more of Allen’s work!” – Bill Rinderknecht

For interviews or comments, the author can be reached at: [email protected] 214-937-1846


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