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Crypto Tax Calculator Australia: New Unique Algorithm and Application for Australian Users


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Coffs Harbour, New South Wales Nov 28, 2021 ( – Crypto Tax Calculator Australia is a new crypto tax calculator that has been developed for Australian crypto traders. It’s an application that shows crypto holders their capital gains, the amount of capital gains tax they need to pay, and which coin they made a profit on. The new algorithm used by Crypto Tax Calculator Australia’s application is unique as it takes into account staking and coin-to-coin transactions.

The crypto tax calculator was created by crypto traders who have been through the crypto taxation system. They saw a gap in the market and that’s how they came up with Crypto Tax Calculator Australia, an application to help crypto holders organise their crypto transactions into different categories including capital gains or loss of coins, fees, and other documentation and information needed for tax purposes.

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Not only does the application provide and simple crypto tax report but it also allows the user to keep track of their coin performance and capital gains throughout the entire year via a dashboard.

Having a unique algorithm that encompasses not only fiat to cryptocurrency trades but also accounts staking and coin-to-coin transactions ensure that crypto holders have a complete crypto tax report. Crypto holders can either lodge the report themselves or hand it to their accountant to lodge for them.

The crypto tax calculator is not only an application but also includes videos and guides to help users understand the crypto taxation system in Australia. This way, they won’t be making any mistakes when filling their crypto tax returns for any crypto transactions they made in the last financial year.

When it comes to a complete guide and a new unique application for any crypto trader, Crypto Tax Calculator Australia covers all bases.


Crypto Tax Calculator Australia
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