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Successful Rapper SIR COG Sets a Remarkable Example with his Wondrous Rhyming Performances in his Songs



Contemporary hip-hop music offers a whole new approach that helps it to break free of the traditional norms of music. Eminent hip hop artist and songwriter SIR COG has introduced the world with his new-age resonance that brings an unimaginable change in the current hip hop scene. He has recently dropped a power-packed masterpiece named Thank You Freestyle’ that is rich in extraordinary instrumentation and versatile rhythms. The next single, Testimonial Freestyle’ is even more powerful in terms of its rhythmic arrangements and rhyming flow. He has flawlessly executed his rap verses that accurately bring out the true essence of the song’s creative lyrical illustration.

Armed with his dexterity to morph his truest thoughts into sublime rap numbers, the highly prolific new successful hip hop artist SIR COG has been getting the global hip hop enthusiasts hooked on his every verse. His music is not only relatable and has the power to make the listeners forget all their worries and indulge in the fun. Driven by his passion to create something artistic, the talented musician stepped into the game in his younger years. He continues to discover new things and flourish in his hip-hop career. His robust vocal performances bring the true sublimity of his lyrics to the surface.

As an influential hip-hop artist, SIR COG takes the initiative to empower his audience with positive messages through his compositions. Putting his incredible rapping ability to use, he has marveled the audience with his latest creations, ‘Thank You Freestyle’ and ‘Testimonial Freestyle’. His willingness to genuinely help people to be more confident is prominent in the soundtracks. Some of his greatest hits are ‘Wit My Pen’, ‘This Ain’t No Joke’, ‘They’re Dying’, and ‘They’re Dependin’ On Me’. Listen to his infinite collection on SoundCloud and YouTube. For more information on his music, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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