In London 30 Covid-19 Cases Has Been Involved With The New Variant Of Omicron: MLHU




Middlesex-London Health Unit said that recently at least 30 cases of Omicron variant associated with Covid-19 have been found there, though they are still waiting for the final data. Some travelers arrived in London from Ontario via Nigeria in late November.

All the guidance was followed which were issued by the health department at the airport, the rapid test was also done and the passengers were fully vaccinated, claims the medical officer of health, Dr. Alex Summers.

If all the guidelines were followed then how these kinds of things can even happen?

As per the recent records, 2 of the 30 cases have been found S gene target failure which is a marker for the Omicron variant, said the health department on Monday.

Till Monday the health unit was still handling to notify the communities but was not publicly identified, though there have been links to quite a few schools and child-care centers. Dr. Summer said that they don’t want to notify the general public before individuals.

The health unit is saying that the high risk of close contact is expected to cross 100. All the Covid-19 cases with high risk are now considered as a person under investigation (PUI) for Omicron. They are being closely monitored. They are keeping an open eye on all the nuances all the time.

Dr. Summer said that it still hasn’t been found out yet that how contagious the cluster is. The symptoms are alike Covid-19 though. There is dysfunction found in the respiratory system and loss of smell. But there is no report on emergency hospitalization yet.

There are a lot of unknown facts about this cluster. The ones which are popping the most are: Is it more infectious? Are the vaccines effective on this variant? Does it cause more illness than Covid-19?

On this confusion, Dr. Summer said that it looks more infectious and transmissible than the other variants but it is not causing much severe illness. Closely they have been monitoring the suspected cases and not more than mild issues have been found. So as of now, there is not much to worry about.

But it is still difficult to say whether the vaccines are being effective on this variant or not. Though the doctors are saying to have faith in the vaccine; even in the worst situation, it will be somewhat effective.

Dr. Summer has given a hint that the health unit will be issuing some more guidance later this week with the increasing number of cases of the Omicron variant keeping in mind.

This variant is much more transmitted in unregulated environments, so we all have to keep in mind to follow the regulations and the guidance given by the health department. And just like Covid-19 all should follow social distancing as long we don’t gather sufficient information about this Omicron variant.


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