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The Crypto Car Society to Launch an Innovative NFT Collection


7,777 Unique Assets, Created From Over 550 Hand-Drawn Features, Will Soon Be Available To The Public

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Miami, Florida Dec 13, 2021 ( – In recent weeks and months, the cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) spaces have unquestionably received an explosion of interest. This has led to an almost overwhelming amount of new potential assets for investors and enthusiasts alike to sift through, leading many to wonder: What will cut through the noise?


Enter The Crypto Car Society, an exclusive and tight-knit community of cryptocurrency, NFT, and car enthusiasts that is about to launch a new, innovative NFT collection.


In combining these groups, the collection promises to be unique in comparison to anything existing on the NFT market today. Developed by a team that has deep breadth of knowledge in both the crypto and automobile industries, the society is formulated around a collection of 7,777 individual and randomly generated Crypto Cars hosted on the Solana blockchain.


With each car painstakingly created from over 550 hand-drawn features, not only are NFT holders promised countless rare and exciting traits; the combination of features also results in entirely unique assets. “The team has tried to cater to all car-lover communities, such as JDM legends, Euro Scene, American Cars, and, of course, The Exotics,” notes Sir, the Crypto Car Society’s Founder. “Everyone can see in the detail of the artwork that we left no space unfilled, from the backgrounds to the shade of the body paint, from the reflection on the headlights to even the variety of the wheels. I would humbly say that this is one of the first NFTs where it is extremely unlikely that anyone will get an ‘ugly’ generated work of art.”


In addition to a unique piece of art, each NFT holder will also gain membership to The Society, an exclusive holders-only group that exists within the larger Crypto Car Society. For holders, membership unlocks access to exclusive giveaways, airdrops, events, private chats, and more.


“The Crypto Car Society team developed this collection because we wanted to create an incredible community for holders of this NFT,” says Sir. “We all have two passions in common – cars and crypto – and we all want to do more than only succeed with the launch. We want to provide benefits and great events for holders of this NFT while also, for people buying solely as an investment, making that investment worthwhile. We are in this thing to go the distance, so strap on your seatbelts, grab your helmet, and let’s get ready for the ride!”

To learn more about the Crypto Car Society NFT, click here.

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