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List of Top 10 Online Book Promotion Websites that Authors must Know


If you are an emerging author and looking forward to spreading your talent among potential readers, here is a list of the top 10 online book promotion websites which work.

Online Book Promotion Websites

So you have written a book? Congratulations. It’s time to spread your talent into the world now. Even after writing a compelling book, most authors struggle to find a good reader base that will appreciate the book and promote its sales even further. But, how to do that? Fortunately, multiple book promotion websites promote books and ebooks and garner attention from the target audience and potential readers.
If you are an emerging writer and looking forward to promoting your book through some legitimate platform, here is a list of 10 book promotion sites that actually work.

1. Bookscrit

One of the leading online book promotion websites, Bookscrit is well renowned for its authentic promotional packages. The agency thrives to build a better reader base for every author as it is made of experts in the industry who are bookworms as well. Having intricate knowledge about books and marketing strategies, this platform can be a great launchpad for all kinds of emerging writers who are trying to gain more exposure. Utilizing the beneficial aspects of the press release, content marketing, social media promotion, and many others; the packages provided by this company are unbelievably effective and affordable as well. The authors can opt from an array of options and build their own custom packages based on their budget and requirements. There is an option to avail of a special Author Media Kit as well.


2. Freebooksy

Looking for new readers? The best way to approach them is to avail themselves of the service of Freebooksy. The platform is perfect for new and beginner writers in the industry who are trying to create an impact in the market. The platform has an active reader base of 539,000 registered users who like to read books of every genre starting from mystery novels to thrillers, romantic sci-fi, and many others. However, that platform only prefers to promote free books which are accessible by all without purchasing. So if you are trying to boost your sales, this platform might not be the best option.


3. Bargain Booksy

This platform is capable of boosting your book sales with its proven strategies of marketing and a huge reader base. It has over 317,000 registered readers who look forward to finding new books regardless of the genre whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or autobiography. However, the platform only promotes books that are more than 50 pages and costs $5 only. Its promotional campaigns are effective and capable of boosting the careers of every author whether a new author or a renowned one.


4. New in Books

It is one of the most active sites that changes its content at regular intervals. New in Books is specially made for emerging authors to push their career and popularity. The platform utilizes the right SEO approaches to reach a maximum number of target audiences and loyal readers. However, this platform only works with only new books in the market which are going to be published soon or have been released in the last 90 days. If you write often or have published many books earlier, this platform is not the suitable one for you.


5. Red Feather Romance

Red Feather Romance is perfect for both free ebooks and paid ones. The platform is well revered for its high-tier curation and a huge userbase filled with thousands of potential readers. However, there is a catch. Just like its name suggests, the platform only promotes romantic books and exclusive works on the romantic genre. So if your stories do not include any romantic aspect that can make your family blush, it is better not to approach it. But if you are exclusively an author of romantic novels, Red Feather Romance is all you need.


6. Bookbub

Bookbub is a renowned book promotion agency that has millions of active users and is capable of offering exponential exposure. But in order to gain something bigger, you have to spend a lot of money as well. Bookbub’s pricing system can be a little steep for many authors. Their higher editorial threshold can cause rejection and it is quite hard to rely on them when you are just a beginner in the industry.


7. Audio Thicket

While ebooks are taking over the market, another aspect of books is making a huge buzz known as audiobooks. If you have an audiobook that needs to be promoted then Audio Thicket is the platform that you need. The agency is boosting the sales of the books on, Nook Audiobooks, Apple, Google Play, and so on. However, specializing in audiobooks, this platform is unable to promote traditional books and ebooks. So if your book is in just written format then can be read-only and not listened to, Audio Thicket might not be the right option.


8. Robin Reads

This platform is highly regarded for its efficient book promotion regardless of the genre. The platform consists of an active subscriber of around 190,000 potential readers who is looking for more content. However, the platform does not promote a book that is listed within the last 90 days. So if you are a new writer and looking forward to promoting your freshly published book or even a pre-release, Robin Reads is not the ideal. There is another limitation that the platform only promotes free books or books which cost less than a dollar.


9. BookRaid

This platform is capable of promoting books that are available on Kobo, Apple, Google Play, Amazon, and other major platforms. One of the best parts of this platform is that it charges you for every click rather than a pre-fixed fee. The budget does not overflow as the highest package costs only $60. It has an active user base of 30,000 readers.


10. The Fussy Librarian

The Fussy Librarian is great for both free books and bargain ebooks. The platform is capable of boosting sales but it strongly suggests that the cost of the book should belong in the price range of $0.99 to $2.99. Whether it’s bargain promotion or free newsletters, this platform has got you covered.


While there are multiple websites available online, only a few of them offer effective online book promotion services with a long-lasting impact. Make your research and find the best site for your book promotion.


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