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Aman VPN: The #1 Free Gaming VPN of 2022


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jan 31, 2022 ( – Aman is a company that started its journey in the United States in 2010 and is dedicated to providing security solutions and military-grade network solutions to different companies around the world. With the help of its dedicated team of professionals, the company provides global information security and privacy protection.

Aman has been focusing on business transformation since 2019. They formed a business team, provided personalized solutions, and launched the Aman VPN family of products. AmanVPN is a free VPN service offered by the company. It was established to protect online internet users. Use cases include unlocking blocked countries and regions; protecting privacy and facilitating access to geo-blocked websites. Mask your location online; obtain a different IP address and help protect the privacy of your identity. Protect information from third parties; don’t worry about being tracked by any government or internet service provider.

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AmanVPN was created to protect online internet users. Melisa Marcus, Creative Director, said: “We at Aman are very concerned about the future of the internet. The main purpose of this AmanVPN is to have a truly open internet and protect citizens. We are privacy experts and never hide information from our users. For better online security and anonymity”.

The VPN service supports Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS systems. The company is also developing browser plugins, AppleTV, Linux, AndroidTV, and HarmonyOS.

Speaking of their product, the CEO said: “We want people everywhere to know about online privacy. Trust is an important factor for us. Since 2010, we have been doing business by catering to people’s trust. The vision is to be The World’s Largest Ad-Popular VPN Service Provider”.

Aman is committed to providing cybersecurity and privacy. Professionals have extensive experience in Internet technology and security. This expertise is used when developing VPN products for customers. The company takes online privacy very seriously. Customers are the company’s top priority, and Aman wants to build lasting relationships with them. Therefore, they protect the safety, privacy, and freedom of their online customers with a completely free VPN service.


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