Andre Silva Shares That This World Cup Is A Chance To Repay Cristiano For What He Does For Portugal


Image Credit – TOI


After Andre Silva completed his transfer to Eintracht Frankfurt in 2019-20, he has got his scoring boots. His form in scoring goals has given him the confidence that is much required in the world cup.

The form, even, continues after his move to the club RB Leipzig. He has continued to give impressive performances in the new club too. Silva, who plays for Portugal, is confident enough for the upcoming football world cup in Qatar.

While the primary object of the Portuguese player is to take his club to the top 4, he has also started preparing for the World Cup playoff going to be held in March this year.

Portugal has finished second behind Serbia, in the group stage. Now they have to go through the playoffs. On 24th March, Portugal will play against Turkey. The four-time World Cup champions who Portugal has drawn against will host North Macedonia on the same night.

Even though the match is two months away Andre Silva said that he is mentally preparing for the upcoming matches. He said, “We Were unlucky to finish second in our group in the first qualifying competition. So, now we have the second qualifying phase. It’s not a situation we desire, but we still have the opportunity to qualify.”

He further added, “We want to achieve this World Cup goal badly and are focused…. We have to give 100 percent to achieve our target.

The World Cup will also see Renaldo for the last time. The 36-year-old Cristiano has not won the World Title so far for Portugal. The last shot for Cristiano is very vital for all the Portuguese fans. Silva mentioned, “I was young when Cristiano was starting his own path to success. All the kids got inspired by him including myself.”

He spoke further, “I learned so much from him and became a better player after I implemented his suggestion. When we play together, he helps me to become a better team player. Now it’s our turn to repay his debt on the team”

He was also remembered while speaking about Cristiano the way he told him to change the foot position during free kicks. He said “although It was a small adjustment, it made a huge difference. “In many ways made impact in the team so now it is our turn.”


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