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Dr. Lune A. Teek’s ‘What the Hell’s Wrong with America’ Talks About the Real Social Issues Surpassed by race


Aspiring author Lester Vereen Bey, who goes by the name Dr. Lune A. Teek has published his first-ever book, What the Hell’s Wrong with America’ which talks about the real issues of the country that is hidden underneath the pointless argument of race. According to him, the race is the most common dispute that is plaguing the current American society.

The author decided to write the book in 2015 on his birthday October 31st. He did intense research on the subject of race and its conflicts finished the manuscript in 2017 and published the book in 2021. A lot has happened since he finished the book but these incidents only solidify the premises he presented in the book.

The book explains that the real issue of America is not the race like everyone likes to think. It reveals the real evil is the concept of race and the way people are taught to perceive the idea of it. The author says that the strong and fictitious cultures that every race has established only create a massive void among different races and separate them on so many levels.

The book opens with the prominent civil unrest in 2015 caused by several events where policemen killed unarmed black men. In chapter five of the book, ‘You have the right to remain silent’ Dr. Lune A. Teek explains how to not get killed during or at the end of police interaction. It provides knowledge of exactly what to expect when someone is interacting with the police.

The book, ‘What the Hell’s Wrong with America’ also has a section for various LGBTQ+ issues. The author has expressed his own opinions and insights on gay marriage in the chapter. While many will find the book harsh and patronizing, others will see the truth that he is trying to bring out.

Let’s read the book ‘What The Hell’s Wrong With America’ by Dr. Lune A. Teek:


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