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An Exhibition Hailed In London With Self-Portraits Of Vincent Van Gogh



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An exhibition has been hailed with 17 self-portraits by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. The exhibition got a massive success and received great reviews from the critics.

The show got five stars from renowned websites and media houses like The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, and more.

In total 19 craft has been shown in the gallery, where 17 was the self-portrait of the Dutch artist.

His talent wasn’t unknown to anyone, but his portraits have stunned everyone.

‘a magical and at times mysterious show’ and ‘an exhibition of electrifying intimacy, said Adrian Searle from The Guardian.

He also added, ‘Toothless, bearded, haggard, injured, shaved, well-fed, on the mend, jaunty, natty… this superb show cascades through the many faces of Van Gogh – and reveals the anguished brilliance that lay beneath.

The onlookers have said that all of the artworks are overflowing with different elements. All of them have presence, absence, substitutions, and echoes. From the painting, it is proven that the artist was self-aware while making them.

The critics have even said that all the paintings shown in the exhibition are rescue attempts.

All the portraits are complete amusements, whereas Van Gogh has used different techniques and styles to make them.

The widely popular artist suffered from mediocre intelligence health. he has gone through a lot of mental traumas which have influenced his paintings and his career.

The world-famous painter took his own life in the July of 1890.

The Telegraph’s Alastair Sooke commented on the exhibition, ‘The lone changeless is that helium ne’er smiles’.

He also said, ‘The show proposes a new argument. It’s time, it suggests, to finish off the myth of Van Gogh the mad genius, involuntarily splurging ‘raw emotions’ onto the canvas; rather, each self-portrait was a complex product of conscious artistic decisions.

He has made all the arts in the most difficult time of his life. Now after almost 130 years of his death his gaze trembles the heart of people.

Only one critic among all gave four stars to the show. He was Eddy Frankel from Time Out’s. Who said ‘He painted 35 known self-portraits, and a good chunk of them are on display in this neat little exhibition; some of them are masterpieces, some of them are total duds’.

There is definitely going to be different perspectives of different people. To experience the exhibition, go to The Courtauld Gallery, it is going to run from Thursday till 8th May.


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