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SIR COG, is a True Gem of the Music World, Chose to Shine the Hip-Hop Genre with His Craftsmanship



Artist SIR COG has given some of the hip-hop redefining tracks on Soundcloud. His music is characterized by his raw vocals, harsh yet groovy music, and themes that he deals with. Hip-hop music came to the scene as a different form of music. Consequently, the acceptance of the genre amongst the music stereotypes was merely visible. Many critics of the genre brutally criticized its distorted music and bereft-of-melody singing. However, hip-hop enthusiasts by their resilience and perseverance have made the genre one of the most trending genres of today. COG is, undoubtedly, one of the very few hip-hop artists who have understood the essence and vibe of the genre intricately.

The songs of the artist carry a great degree of distorted EDM music. However, it is still sound and never bereft of rhythm. His songs are very influential, in the sense that he tries to capture the untapped zone of the hip-hop genre through his tracks. One of the most qualified and unique songs of the New Successful Hip Hop Artist is ‘Hold Up Freestyle. Fast-spoken rhythmic speeches hit hard on the mind and leave a great impact on the mind. Although the artist is very versatile, he is often inclined to perform hip-hop freestyle. Almost all his tracks are done in freestyle.

Rap is considered to be the most significant element in a hip-hop song. And the artist, harnessing his deeply rooted understanding of the genre, has given some honest, unfiltered lyrics. It maintains all poetic techniques, and rhetoric to achieve accomplishments. Hustle Man Freestyle is one of the examples of his brilliance and expertise in rap. Every song he sings, he just tries to let his thoughts flow on the music he composes, and this makes his song so authentic and spellbinding. So, listen to the songs of SIR COG on SoundCloud and support his art on his socials also- Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram.

Listen to SIR COG’s latests tracks on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sircog


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