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So_up, the San Jose Hip Hop Artist has Launched his New Song ‘My Way’



The emerging hip-hop artist So_up aka Irfan Mohammad is spread his musical aura by giving prolific soundscapes. The young and talented artist is reaching out to more audiences with his profuse craft. The musically and lyrically enriched tracks are captivating all the audiences. The well-versed write-up of him has gathered more ears. Along with that the perfect deliverance with every beat has made the tracks more attractive. He is an independent artist, who solely composes, records, and produces all the songs. With the groovy presentation, the artist is brimming positive vibes through them. Besides, his vast way of approach has helped him to create a unique identity of him in the music industry.

This San Jose hip hop artist has recently released his new track, named My Way. In the brief time after the release, this song has reached out to a huge mass. The unique presentation has made this soundtrack different from his other creations. Along with that the melodious tune and heartfelt lyrics have gathered more ears. This rising artist knows how to mix good lyrics with hooky music. With his innovative creations, he is holding onto a significant spot in the music industry. This artist does a lot of experiments with his sound designs to create variant kinds of songs. all of his tracks give a different vibe with them and that is what keeps his work from getting monotonous.

So_up is growing in his career at a great pace. In this short time, he has achieved a lot of audiences. Before ‘My Way’ he has given a lot of track that has helped to reach out to more people. Some of his brilliant works are ‘Everybody’, ‘Run Up’, ‘A Reason’, and ‘LevitatElevate’. All of his tracks are available on SoundCloud. Visit his profile to listen to them and follow this artist on Instagram to know more about his upcoming projects.

To enjoy this new track, check out the given below link: 



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