The Final Report Of Actor Bob Saget’s Death Have Been Released By The Orange County Sheriff’s Office


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The final report of American Actor Bob Saget’s death has been released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The comedian was found dead in a hotel room in Florida on January 9th, at the age of 65. He performed in a comedy show the night before in that area.

The report released on Thursday provides a detailed outline of his final moments and eventual death. But as per the court order, it can’t reveal any additional information about Saget’s death.

The police officers have interviewed seven people so far. One of them is a medical examiner who is able to give an accurate recounting of the actor’s final moments from his arrival in Jacksonville, Florida to his final hours in the Orlando hotel room.

His family requested the staff of the Orlando Ritz-Carlton to do a wellness check on the actor after they were unable to reach him on January 9th. The reports say that the authorities found no sign of struggle or foul play when they entered the hotel room. He was on the bed, lying on his back, and covered by sheets. There was no sign of blood or body fluids on the sheets or anywhere in the suite. But there was slight swelling and bruise on his left eye.

The report said that no one entered the room until the security did in the afternoon as per the request of his family. Chief medical officer Joshua Stephany, who conducted the autopsy said that there was a fracture at the base of Mr. Saget’s skull, the evidence of bleeding around the brain and demonstrated the transfer of force that broke the orbital bones at the front of the skull.’ As per the autopsy report, the fractures were caused by ‘an unwitnessed fall backward’ and collision with ‘the posterior aspect of his head’.

Stephany explained that the force that caused the fracture did not break the skin on the back of the head. It led her to believe that it was something hard covered by something soft. According to the examiner, it might be the carpeted floor. The impact also would stun the actor and cause him to feel dizzy, confused, and have slurred speech. But the investigators found no evidence of such place or item that could have caused the blow.

The OCSO report will be abiding by the decision of the Florida judge’s verdict that the post mortem photos of the actor will not be released to the public. A total of 147 photos were taken at the scene of death. From them, 90 photos of the body and personal belongings will remain sealed from the public eye.

The 57 photos, a redacted investigation report, and the body camera video that was taken outside of the hotel room by the deputies can be released to the public. The other videos that were taken inside the hotel room will stay sealed.


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