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Listen to the Songs of SIR COG, the New Successful Hip-Hop Artist to Experience Profound Hip-Hop


SIR COG the proficient musician is gathering a huge mass audience with his brilliant soundscapes. The new successful Hip-hop artist has created a buzz with them.

Hip-hop is one of the popular genres of music nowadays. In this genre of music, SIR COG is a renowned musician. This artist is spreading his creative aura through his profound soundscapes. His caliber of giving lyrically and musically enriched songs has attracted a lot of listeners. The heartfelt write-ups have brought more audience to his work. His beautiful way of presenting his crafts has helped him to reach out to more people. This young and talented musician is an independent artist, who single-handedly manages to compose, record, and produce the soundtrack. The energetic pieces of music spread an eclectic vibe through them.


This new successful Hip-hop artist has established himself by giving exceptional songs. He has delivered a lot of soundtracks in his musical career. But two of them have gathered more ears. The tracks are, Breakin The Bank Freestyle and Christmas In Harlem Freestyle’. Both the songs are very different than each other, the perspectives are unique, and so are the messages. This artist has accumulated so many listeners in this short time span for his relatable work. he creates music from his experience, with the songs he tries to portray his struggle. Along with every other feature, he is blessed with his powerful voice, which makes all his creations even more beautiful.

The prolific artist SIR COG is a shining star in the hip-hop music world. He has inspired everyone with his thematic sound designs. There are a lot of brilliant crafts by this artist. Some of them are, ‘Wit My Pen’, ‘This Ain’t No Joke’, ‘They’re Dying’, and ‘They’re Dependin’ On Me’. All the magnificent soundtracks are available on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Visit his profile to listen to them. To get all the updates on his new projects, follow his artist on Facebook and Instagram.

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