‘Reflection: Into The Abyss – Democracy or Autocracy?’ by Les Pruitt portrays real democracy


Famous author Les Pruitt has newly released yet another book named ‘Reflection: Into The Abyss – Democracy or Autocracy? The author, with his latest book, has tried to shed some light on the socio-political landscape that is currently ruling our democratic world. The all-new book has talked about all the famous world leaders who are following commands of the ‘Lawless One’ and is influencing global politics accordingly. The author has also termed the other global leaders as ‘Strawmen’ who work in key positions under the program. The author has brought up the main topic of a democratic world with his latest book and has raised serious questions.

Reflection: Into The Abyss – Democracy or Autocracy?
Reflection: Into The Abyss – Democracy or Autocracy?

Les Pruitt has also highlighted the psychotic irrational behavior that Donald’s cultural movement brought. Although he is not controlling the power anymore, the Club of autocrats is still finding other ways to come back in power again. In the book, the author has stated that The Club of Autocrats swiftly diverted people’s attention toward the major trade war with the Chinese Communist Party during the Covid-19 pandemic. From the conflict point of view, the author has also shed light on the upcoming geopolitical tensions that are due to come.

The topic regarding the rise of global autocracy in the book discusses how the ancient bloodline has played a huge role. The book will play the role of making people aware of their rights and fighting for them. The message from the author is simple. He wants people to wake up and throw away the concept of living in a democratic world, as it is an illusionary democracy. The other book from him “Tick Tock To Midnight” was also a success as readers couldn’t take their eyes off it as it gained huge popularity. The new book is available in paperback format on Amazon at only $13.99. Find the book on iUniverse .


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