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Uplift Your Spirit with The Brilliant Positive Energy of ‘Stay Baby Stay (Like A Lullaby)’ by Peter Lake


Peter Lake Music

Electronic music is so vast that it never fails to surprise the audience with its different characteristics. Seasoned EDM artist and singer Peter Lake is one such artist who is able to present the true essence of the genre wrapped up with different styles with his praiseworthy soundscape. He has a new single up his sleeve called, Stay Baby Stay (Like A Lullaby)’ that brings out his amazing talent in front of a global audience. The upbeat and positive rhythmic beat intermingled with the creative lyrical illustrations forms a brilliant symphony that lingers in the hearts of the listeners for a long time.

Based in New York, the gifted musician has been surrounded by music from a very young age. His interest grew in electronic dance music soon and he began experimenting with various EDM beats. Though he stepped into the professional music scene recently, he has been an active musician for a long time. His previous single, ‘Vaccinate With Love’ with the guitarist of Guns N’ Roses Richard Fortus and drummer Charley Drayton became a major hit across the globe. He is on a mission to spread his unique musical collection among true music enthusiasts no matter where they are from.

The prolific American artist is always experimenting with different EDM and dance beats to come up with melodies that are unique and eloquent in many ways. Peter Lake has actually combined two songs with the same subject matter to create the melody of his latest single, ‘Stay Baby Stay (Like A Lullaby)’. In the song, he tries his best to convince his friend to stay in the sweetest way possible. The track is bound to strike a chord with the listeners generating genuine emotions in them. The song is available on both SoundCloud and YouTube and already received thousands of plays and views. Follow him on Instagram and stay updated about his future works.

PeterLakeMusic released his new track on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/peterlakemusic/stay-baby-stay-like-a-lullaby


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