Soul Artist Hiten Bachani’s Newly Launched Song ‘Feel Me’ Will Take You on a Drive of Satisfying Your Heart


Enjoy the self-expressionist nature of the song ‘Feel Me’ by R&B music artist Hiten Bachani. The formidable blend will make you fall in love with its music.

Hiten Bachani, the master mixer of R&B and soul music, has come up with the new track ‘Feel Me which has captured the attention of the masses. The precise vocal leads from the artist are changing the contemporary scene of soul music. The height that the artist has gone on to achieve with his latest track is simply amazing. Within a week, the track has accumulated more than 32k listeners. The track is carrying the ability to match any mood and any atmosphere. The artist has also sung the song in two voices, giving it a dual effect. The process in which the lyrics and the instrumentals operate simultaneously in the track makes it a solitary production.

Hiten Bachani
Hiten Bachani

Wielding all the necessary characteristics of music, the artist knows the inside-out of producing an attention-stealing track. Originally born and brought up in Dubai, the artist presently lives in California, the United States. Carrying a 2-year experience in the musical space, the artist has also released some mesmerizing tracks such as “Wild Side”, “Hold On Back”, and “Turn This Around |Mumbai To LA|”. The artist’s works are sometimes also based on the musical genres of Hip-hop, Pop, and rap.

The multi-talented artist has brought a notion of altering the framework of modern R&B music. Hiten Bachani’s latest song goes on to highlight the enormous technique and flair that he is carrying. The artist is already climbing up the steps for becoming one of the genius faces of the music industry. The storytelling strategy of the song ‘Feel Me’ is a message from the artist to all the great songwriters who are known for their breath-taking lyrics. Stream the track only on Soundcloud. Music videos of the artist are available on YouTube. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the handles on which you must follow the artist for more.

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