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New App Launch: Could Catfish Dates be a Thing of the Past?



Many adults in the dating scene often wonder how their experience could be safer. These people want the reassurance that they will be seeing the person they matched with on that dating site. This is where the DateFactsapp comes in. With this app, anyone can receive honest feedback on dating experiences with other people.

The DateFacts application is the first type of date review app owned by Veteran Derrick Cooper. Often, it’s easy to get disconnected from what’s essential in today’s dating world. Many people looking for authentic connections want to know what they’re doing right or wrong. The DateFacts app does just that; it’s the best way to evaluate someone. A person can review someone using the application and those results are shown to anyone else who might be interested in that person. For serious daters, creating a DateFacts page is a fun way to share who they are with the world, and it allows them to view details about how partners they have had honestly feel about the date.

This app allows anyone to build trust with a user’s own personalized DateFacts page that anyone can view. With this, viewers can give potential online daters the confidence to choose a date. Everything is safe, secure, and validated through an online peer review. With complete ease of access, this application can integrate with top dating sites like Match, Tinder, and Bumble. It will allow for a safer online dating process, which means no more getting catfished by fake dating profiles.



Derrick has emphasized that “The goal [of DateFacts] is to help give the online and dating world, in general, a place to build their dating facts. Dating is not limited to intimate partners only, but also includes interaction with our family and friends.” He says that “Our DateFacts should not be limited to people we just meet but also include ratings from those who also know us best.”

The app allows for honest feedback on dating experiences with other people. With all the dating apps and websites available, there’s a market for love. There is a dating site or application to meet the needs of anyone, whether 18 or 81 years old. Before purchasing a car, they get a Carfax; before buying a home, they get a home inspection; before dining at a restaurant, potential diners check Yelp. But when it comes to dating, all caution is thrown to the wind, and daters have no leverage.

Kristin, a beta tester of the app, has said, “DateFacts has helped me narrow down the characteristics that mean the most to me when it comes to dating! It’s user-friendly, interactive, and a safe place to find great matches!”

DateFacts isn’t only limited to new dates. You can use it for long-term relationships as well. One of the reviewers stated, “I will set up a DateFacts account for my boyfriend and me. Although we’ve been together for some time now. I think it would be an awesome way to provide feedback to each other. It would be an awesome way for us to grow and improve communication in our relationship.”

Derrick Cooper is a Veteran and owner of the DateFacts application. He resides in Tampa, Florida.

For more information, please visit DateFacts.



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