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Vorz App Powered By VORZ DAO Multichain Token Will Be The Social App Of The Metaverse!


Vorz App

The TikTok-Instagram-OpenSea hybrid in-one Metaverse Experience?

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Metropolitan Manila Area, Philippines May 1, 2022 ( – The social giants are dominating the web 2.0 hemisphere but there will be emerging competitors in the future for sure. The age of web 3.0 will be the start of that advancement to replace the ailing old web technology of today. Gamefi is one of the most built projects on the web3 application solution but rare to find some social-based web3 projects. This will be the best shot for Vorz to build that very idea for the future. One of that projects will be developing the socialfi of the future, the idea was called Vorz from the Philippines with their MVP Vorz App, and its VORZ DAO tokenized concept to build the challenger of Giants. It was founded in one of the homes for the most active social media users place in the Far East Ophir aka the Philippines of today, with 92.5M social media users!

An emerging new start-up that is founded by passionate developers to make that idea happen will start in the era of Metaverse and Web 3.0. Vorz App is a crypto-powered social app that utilized the power of blockchain to tackle the problem of social media app users’ ownership and scalability to do things in the metaverse. Today it will be the web 3.0 frontier of the socialfi in the Metaverse that is built by the believers of the future to make that happen.

The Vorz App will allow content creators to monetize their work by immortalizing their content in the Vorz NFT marketplace. Users of the app can earn as well with the VORZ token while leveling up which allows the fans to send gifts to their idol. Vorz also adopts the Gamified concept of socialfi to build an immence and immersive metaverse experience for the metaverse explorers.

$VORZ is the multichain utility token that is powering the whole metaverse of the Vorz Project. VORZ token was Launched on April 30, 2022, in the Multichain to make that happen! Now anyone can trade the utility and governance token in all chains such as Polygon, BNBChain, Fantom, XDAI, Ethereum, etc.

TikTok beats Facebook as the most downloaded app on every app store and even beats Google as the number one website back in 2021. The Valuation of TikTok is ranging from $60B-$100B while its company parent Bytedance is at $500B today. OpenSea enabled its users to mint their content as NFTs inside the platform but lacks the social engagement spice to push it fast further. Vorz app will allow both TikTok and OpenSea to combine on its app and build a hybrid of Social engagement and NFT Market economy in one social DApp.

By analyzing the market, it showed that TikTok and Instagram active users are massive with 1B+ active per month which is a big market to let Vorz App introduce the socialfi applications of the metaverse to the mass. The MainNet of Vorz App will be released ASAP in early Q3-Q4 of the year 2022. Anyone can join the TikTok-Instagram-OpenSea of the Metaverse by holding a $VORZ token!









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