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Rising Star Kiera Janea has Come Up with Her Debut EP ‘MillQuarter Outlaw’


Kiera Janea

New musician Kiera Janea is making her debut in the entertainment world with the EP ‘MillQuarter Outlaw’. The beautiful creation has attracted everyone.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Douglas, Georgia May 5, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Emerging artist Kiera Janea is introducing herself in the music industry with her first-ever EP ‘MillQuarter Outlaw’. The talented singer is showcasing her creative aura from the very beginning of her career. She has captivated a lot of hearts with the heartfelt lyrics and hooky tune. The perfectly balanced piece of music has gathered a lot of ears. She is an independent artist and single-handedly managed to compose, record, and produce the tracks. The artist has surprised everyone with her magnificent craft. The artist has generated a buzz among all the music enthusiasts with her creations.  

Hails from Georgia, this musician has reached out to a mass audience with the soundscapes. The EP of her consists of six amazing songs, but two of them are getting more attention from the listeners. The soundtracks are Assassin (Shooter) and Cake (Oh Yeah). The artist has tried out various things and experimented with her work. With each song, the artist has created different vibes. The thematic and rhythmic flow them are getting hooked to the listeners. Along with entertaining the crowd, she is also inspiring the young aspirants with the tracks.

Kiera Janea has always been surrounded by musical influences from her childhood and found interest in this field. She has gone through a lot of hard times and with this EP the artist has tried to convey her experiences to the rest of the world. The other songs of this profound EP are, ‘Get Loose Ft. WSMQ Fatboy’, ‘C’est La Vie’, ‘Chill Out’, and ‘Woman of My Dreams’. With all these soundscapes this artist is generating different vibes among the listeners. Her songs are available on SoundCloud. So visit her profile to listen to them. Other than that, follow this rock star on Twitter to get all the updates regarding her future releases.

Listen this Songs on Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/kiera-mobley

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