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Ahmed Al-Hemyari: The Arab Developers Team will become a reality in 2022


Ahmed AlHemyari

Yemeni Youtuber

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ibb, Yemen May 19, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Content creator Ahmed Al-Hemyari said that the presence of the Arab developer’s team in the field of the video game content industry was a dream and became a reality in 2022.

Ahmed Al-Hemyari explained that the gaming content industry in the Arab world has developed significantly and differed from before, especially with many young people heading to this field, coinciding with the shrinking of job opportunities currently available.

He stressed that the opportunity is now complete and prepared for conscious youth, by exploiting information technology and the Internet to obtain a new task that generates income in light of the shrinking of traditional job opportunities, whose incomes have become weak.

He stressed that young people to continue reading and reading, and not depend on and wait for a job, noting that the study does not qualify for the appropriate work, but the real job requires more experience and training.

YouTuber Ahmed Al-Hemyari stressed the need for Arab ministries of education to provide various educational platforms and the Internet free of charge for young people to enable them to learn and weigh their experiences through educational materials on the Internet, especially since the cost of the Internet in some Arab countries may be high.


Ahmed AlHemyariAhmed AlHemyariAhmed AlHemyari

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Ahmed Al-Hemyari
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