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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Jakarta, Indonesia Jun 1, 2022 ( – Kompetensi Media is In the construction of Competency facilities/media, the concept of community empowerment is used to make the community the main actor in the process of planning, development, operation, and maintenance of Communal Competency facilities/media, with the aim that the facilities/media built can provide sustainable benets. The concept uses the principles of development of educational materials, personal educators, and educational institutions such as informed choice as the basis for a needs-responsive approach, competence as a social and economic object, environmentally sound development, active community role, and the application of cost recovery principles.

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Is a platform where education service actors gather and can offer to customers even without physically meeting them. is to provide a platform where service providers and service users meet, where service users can see what products are offered. The platform in the marketplace can be in the form of a website. All marketplace operations, including website management to payment methods, are facilitated by The basic concept of is actually more or less the same as conventional education.

Where is not responsible for the services offered. This is because the task of is only to provide a place for service providers who want to do business and service users who are looking for educational / competency services with easy and fast transactions. If the service user is interested in using the service, the transaction will be arranged/facilitated by, from the start of payment to the process of operating the service.

Our Expertise has afliations with several online education services or mentors in the elds of language, basic and general knowledge Educational advice forum afliates are also available as an easy way to achieve competence through eld experience.

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