Benefits from SoundCloud Repost Promotion Services to Grow Your Music Career


Avail the exponential growth with the SoundCloud repost promotion strategy. Well, Music Promotion Club is now offering extra 20% extra listeners with SoundCloud marketing weekly packages. Click to know more!

Every emerging music artist from all over the world is looking for exposure that can make them grip the ground of this oscillating industry of music. Music Promotion Club can help to gain visibility for your music within a very short period. They have made various music artists gain an ample amount of light for their creations. Popularity comes hand in hand with their promotional tools. They promise authentic services that can help you gain organic popularity. With their recent updates, they are offering 20% extra listeners, with their marketing strategies in their weekly promotional packages. This is a brilliant opportunity to start your marketing campaign with them. You can have a custom banner with each of their packages.

SoundCloud Repost Promotion
SoundCloud Repost Promotion

Four marketing packages are there for you to choose from; the first package is called ‘SoundCloud Marketing Starter Pack’. In this package, they will repost and share your track for 2 hours on various social media platforms to popularize your track. Their SoundCloud repost promotion works brilliantly and gathers over 10k+ streams on the platform. From social media buzz, you can get over 24K social media followers. One press release will be distributed to gain the attention of major media houses to your music. And this PR will be incorporated with keywords and will be uploaded to 3 to 4 Google news sites. You will also be provided with a music blog which will be issued to several music-related groups and websites. And this will cost you not more than $59!

The next pack in their catalogue is titled as ‘SoundCloud Promotion package’. In this pack, you will be provided with daily 4 hours of social media sharing which will create a buzz about your song. With this ranging buzz, you will have 24k social media followers and 35k SoundCloud followers. Apart from this, one press release will be published on 7 to 8 sites, and one music blog or a music review will be distributed to various music-related websites. Keywords will be present in these publications. Video creation and email marketing will be associated with this package. If you have any latest events that too will be a part of this pack. The price of this package is $110.

The third pack of Music Promotion Club is ‘SoundCloud Marketing Weekly Pack’. A weekly pack will offer you a better result as it will create better popularity for your tracks. With this pack, you will have 2 hours of social media attention that will bring 12k plays from a worldwide audience along with 35k SoundCloud followers. One music blog and a press release, which will be keyword incorporated, will be distributed to various news-related websites on Google news. And every week new content will be published and a custom banner will also be provided to you, this will cost you $59 per week.

The final package of this company is the ‘SoundCloud Promotion Weekly Package’. The package will deliver daily four hours of social media engagements with over 28k plays. This weekly pack will deliver keyword-incorporated content marketing with one PR, a music blog, or a review and will cost you 110 dollars per week. Email marketing and video creation are also offered in this package for better visibility. They will promote your latest events as well to make them a hit. Snatch the opportunity and make your own fate with your music skills and prolific nature and the advertising tools of Music Promotion Club.

About the Company

Music Promotion Club is making a strong impression in the music marketing industry with its elevated marketing strategies. The most intriguing part of them is their unfailing work reports that have offered the limelight to various music artists. Start your marketing now with them https://musicpromotion.club/


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