The Tunes Club’s 15% off on Spotify Promotion Service is Ending on 4th July


The Tunes Club is offering 15% off on their efficient Spotify promotion service for all the artists, valid till the 4th of July. This prolific assistance has introduced an easier way to get exposure.

We all know how music promotion is necessary for all artists, lyricists, and composers. We The Tunes Club are offering our better strategist method to give the utmost exposure in the shortest time span. We are providing different way-outs to garner popularity for everyone. That is why we have come up with a special offer of a 15% discount for World Music Day on every package. Now we extended this offer till 4th July. So, hurry up to avail of our services and get an instant discount on your order. We assure you that our Spotify promotion service will help you reach out to a huge number of audiences and cater your work to all potential listeners.


We include the songs in a relevant playlist and accumulate the desired number of streaming as well. By submitting the song in a playlist with the Spotify playlist curator you can get the opportunity to share the song with 200K+ Spotify followers. Reaching out to so many people will make it even easier to gather listeners. Currently, track inclusion in playlists is a very effective method to attract listeners. With this whole process, you will get to take the attention of the listeners.

Along with playlist inclusion, we also offer well-versed write-ups of press releases, music blogs, and music reviews. As well as we distribute them to 150+ authentic websites and also to the Google news site. By doing so, you or any artist will get the chance to reach out the potential listeners and create a buzz among them. A social media buzz is very much needed for an artist to establish and we certainly give the required assistance to you. We offer our service only with the music streaming platform Spotify because it is the most popular streaming platform that is available right now. By accessing the famous platform, you will get to see the fast responses from the audiences.

We The Tunes Club are providing all these services at a pocket-friendly price, so artists from every scale can avail themselves of it. We have four different packages available; those are Spotify Marketing Package, Spotify Promotion Pack, Spotify Marketing Pro Pack, and Spotify Promotion Pro Pack. Now after our World Music Day offer, we are giving our Spotify Marketing Package at $33, Spotify Promotion Pack at $59, Spotify Marketing Pro Pack at $89, and Spotify Promotion Pro Pack at $144. With all these effective packages, your song will be included in a maximum of 180 curated playlists and acquire the attention of all the listeners. You can also add more songs of yours to the playlist after purchasing the package. So, avail our service to establish yourself in the music industry as a prolific artist.

About the company:

The Tunes Club is the leading music promotion company that offers an effective promotion to all musicians, lyricists, and composers. With their service, anyone gets the opportunity to put up their work in front of the world and get exposure among the potential audience. With their pocket-friendly packages, everyone can get access to it. For more insight, visit


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