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Music Promotion Club Extending 15% Discount Offer for YouTube Promotion Till July 15


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The Music Promotion Club has created history in the promotional field with its extensive promotional strategies. Recently, the company introduced a 15% discount offer for US Independence Day from July 4 which was supposed to end on July 10. However, to help your promotion in the music industry, the company has extended the period till July 15. So, if you haven’t looked into the offer, then visit the site and grab the deals right away. The assistance provided by Music Promotion Club further will help you to get the best engagement for your tracks. The experts here have been working to promote YouTube videos on a global level, and your music can reach every corner of the earth with their services. Their services deliver content marketing and social media marketing so that you can reach the mass through social media and you can reach the various media houses with their PR marketing aspects.

The promised services will offer your videos the target audience along with a huge number of organic views. You can actually choose the number of views you want on your videos and they will deliver the same. They will reach the number by promoting your videos on various social media platforms and they will continue the buzz around your video; until you reach the number you have booked. Their YouTube promotion services have offered an excitable difference to several artists by far. Apart from that, they will indulge thoroughly in content marketing, similarly to social media marketing you have to book the numbers for this as well. And you will have to pay just for the number you have booked.

Content marketing that they offer delivers 5 types of options for you to choose accordingly. First, the most effective way to reach better media houses and music enthusiasts from all over the world is by publishing press releases. And they will offer the best-written press release that can take your music to various parts of the world. They will also deliver music blog distribution, Artist reviews, Artist interviews, and a feature in one of the leading digital magazines ‘Daily Music Roll’. And you create sticking effects on your YouTube music. Their services will create a visible difference days after you place your order with them and experience the productive publicity of your music video.

If you are intrigued by these offers then you mustn’t waste a single moment as they are giving you the opportunity to start your package with a 15% discount. This is a golden opportunity as they have extended their Independence offer from 11th July to 15th of July. Visit their website and you will find an ala carte from where you can book the exact number of views you want for your video and you can also pick the number of PR, blog, or review you want to publish. You can also choose the number of social media advertisements that will make you reach more people. People who are still thinking about it must visit their website now.

About the Company

Music Promotion Club is one of the most trusted companies that have made many music artists famous with their engaging services. They are willing to invest as much time as your video needs to get popularized. Their YouTube promotion services are on point making videos viral overnight. Grab their Independence offer now visit https://musicpromotion.club/youtube.


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