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Colonel Calvin Wimbish Receives Endorsement from the Florida Republican Assembly (FRA)


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Retired U.S. Army Green Beret endorsed by the Florida Republican Assembly (FRA), a political organization promoting conservative principles and candidates within the Republican Party – home to Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and Frederick Douglass.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Tampa, Florida Jul 23, 2022 ( – Supporters rose to their feet and greeted their candidate with thunderous applause and cheers as he made his way to Center Stage. Colonel Calvin Wimbish, candidate for U.S Congress for Florida’s tenth congressional district, today was super appreciative and welcomed the endorsement of the Florida Republican Assembly.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement from the Florida Republican Assembly (FRA) because I share their commitment to upholding American Values and American Greatness,” said Wimbish. “At a time when the U.S. is acting recklessly domestically and globally, we need energetic and engaged citizens more than ever to help restore American leadership and our moral standard.”

“As a Retired Green Beret in the U.S. Army, Calvin Wimbish boldly demonstrated the power of humbled strength and necessary humility to protect our interests around the world and at home,” said Scott Cahill, Chairman of Cahill Inc. “Wimbish will be a powerful voice for diplomacy at a time when many in Washington seem to prefer Self over Duty.”

About the Florida Republican Assembly:

The FRA is a partisan advocacy organization that engages, connects, and supports citizens to promote freedom for all human beings. They fight the good fight for education, equality, and the sanctity of life for all Americans while advocating for policies that keep us safe and out of conflicts using our CONSTITUTIONAL ideals.  Additionally, the FRA works diligently to help elect political candidates who champion causes and policies that align with theirs.

 About Calvin:

Calvin faithfully served his country in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Calvin has never once given up and he is not about to start now. 

In his own words, Calvin says, “Our nation is under attack, not from a foreign enemy, but from those within our borders who want to run our country into the ground.  With rapid inflation on the rise, illegal immigrants pouring across the border, and our fundamental rights being trampled on, we need a fighter who knows what it takes to win.  I know I am that fighter.”   Calvin lives in Orlando with his lovely wife Suzie Wimbish of 46 years.

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