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What Happened at Lake Tallulah?


What Happened at Tallulah FC

A Sci-Fi Romance written by Nina Lisicar explores the adventures, mysteries, and the love story of two people who lost their memories of one another after being abducted by aliens.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Arlington, Virginia Aug 2, 2022 ( – Published in the year 2021, this book by Nina Lisicar is nothing short of amazing. With good reviews from the Kirkus Review, Hollywood Book Review, Pacific Book Review, Prairies Book Review, and Goodreads among others, the novel also received a certified award from, “The International Review of Books”.

Margaux and Byron, young and in love, go on a date at Lake Tallulah when they very unexpectedly get abducted by aliens. The both of them eventually get sent back to the real world, their real lives. But, only after their memories of each other get erased. They then lived separately, unaware of each other’s existence. When Byron appears throughout the novel though, Margaux senses that she knows him from somewhere sometime before. She just can’t get her finger on it.

As the plot progresses, Margaux learns more about the mystery of her abduction, her relationship with Byron, and Anastasia, apparently her doppelganger living in another dimension, a world different from theirs. Anastasia may be her twin sister that was taken away from them in the hospital on the day they were born. Margaux discovers more about this further into the story.

This book does a fantastic job of opening the reader’s eyes and imagination to paranormal and mysterious adventures, alongside magical fantasy, feelings, friendship, and love.

The novel was presented at the LA Times Festival of Books in April 2022 and the Cannes Film Festival in May 2022 to resounding success. The book will be presented at the Frankfurt Book Festival in October 2022. Hallmark Productions will even create a TV series inspired by the unusual love story. Production begins in September 2022 and will air in December 2022.

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