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2022 Workforce Summit, State of the Global Union


Kia Marie

Kia Marie founder of Career Association of Georgia announces $24,000 business planning contracts + 240 ideal targeted customers through shared profits to US and Non-US startup business and ministry leaders.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Atlanta, Georgia Oct 9, 2022 ( – 2022 Workforce Summit, State of the Global Union November 5-6, 2022 at The Ritz Carlton, Atlanta will review 2021 pilot results of the Business: Scholar (B2S) Modular, a patent-pending methodology,  designed as an adaptable revenue infrastructure within human resources coupling employee and business coaching principles. 

This year’s annual collaboration will include the first State of the Global Union address from the Career Association of Georgia and Small Business Association Mentor, Executive Director Kia Marie, Prophetic in Nature. 2022 Workforce Summit speakers will dive into the solutions for two of the largest issues facing startup companies, ministry expansion, and employee high turnover rates.

We’re about serious Kingdom Business. However, we like to enjoy ourselves too! Join us for an evening of dancing, a three-course dinner, and a Sunday lunch while browsing the Career Menu for Careers, contracts, and B2S revenue solutions.

Then stay to encounter an atmosphere conducive for the Spirit of Truth to dwell and plunge forward through the Spirit of Resistance that negate positive change.

About Kia Marie

Kia Marie is the founder of the Career Association of Georgia, Inc, a 501c3 School of Business that hires start-ups delegated to 6 for-profit companies built as the cornerstone for startups to learn to build out its infrastructure through applied business coaching principles taught to their hired startups. 

She resigned from her 9-5 job in 2019 and built the School of Business infrastructure from scratch as a broke beautiful lady with no money to buy fancy systems and used systems that offered products using the freemium strategy as a demonstration to startups that you can scale a business using no money, no credit line, no loan all while experiencing moments of homelessness for Vision.  

Although positioned in an unfavorable situation for years, her journey broke her and rebuilt the character that makes her trustworthy to do business with, made her very resourceful in up-to-date technologies and strategies, gained the endurance to keep pushing, and compassionate to those with drive who’s been rejected, and most importantly developed a strong relationship with God who gave direction and kept the vision alive within her through a series of dreams.

She is an advocate of education and self-taught education for startups to scale through Mergers and Acquisitions using $0 dollars out-of-pocket methods. She is a U.S. Small Business Association Mentor, holds a degree in Human Services, is Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certified, and is Financial Services Professional Certified. 

She’s the Bravest of the Brave!


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Career Association of Georgia Inc


PO Box 8352

Career Association of Georgia Inc
Career Association of Georgia, Inc, the School of Business, hires startups graduates of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification.
PO Box 8352



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