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Veteran Clubhouse Mixer Giulio Ricciardi Publishes His Masterpiece ’12.11.2022’ Recently


Giulio Ricciardi, an audio engineer as well as producer delivers his latest ’12.11.2022’. This Ohio Techno Artist presents mesmerizing soundscape, breaking the internet.

Giulio Ricciardi

The experienced implication of Beats and Bass along with proper tempo is a nature of Techno music. To carefully represent this mid-80s subgenre which is primarily based on EDM, veteran unground techno and house Dj Toledo artist Giulio Ricciardi is back with his exclusive creation, 12.11.2022’. His exceptional usage of wavelengths and tones is praiseworthy. His sound stripes are absolute shreds of evidence of his deep knowledge of music and years of experience. This track is a pure craftwork of blending music with new-era technology. Exceptionally versatile and compassionate about music, his latest one-hour techno track is really an auditory blessing.

Prolific club house Dj Giulio is an audio engineer. Creating vibration with bass and working with the tempos to create vigorous soundtracks is his specialty. In this track this Ohio Techno Artist used, small lyrics and important distortions to make this one, more attractive. ’12.11.2022’ is a soulful track that will hook you with jiving vibe and push you to the dance floor. Inspired by the creations of Paco Osuna, Dubfire, The Belleville Three, and Josh Wink; Giulio became a distinctive artist with gifted brilliance in music composition. The patience that he rigorously showed while constructing this track depicts his vision for his future.

According to the source and his interview he just released a new extended play named ‘Electric City’. Eagerly interested to work with other eminent artists all over the world, and he is ready to mark his name on the list of top Techno musicians. Here are some honorable mentions that are audibly soul-soothing and heart-melting ‘Tread Lightly’, ‘Intro’, ‘The Bridge’, and ‘The Streets’. Very much active on social media, he is always available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Visually Giulio Ricciardi is active on YouTube. Listen to his tracks on SoundCloud or you can stay connected to him on his website for the latest updates.

Giulio Ricciardi is hitting a new level of creativity with ‘12.11.2022’: 



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