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Celebrating 8 Years : MicroDeft – The Leading Software Company for Innovation, Excellence



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Jersey City, New Jersey Jan 3, 2023 ( – Dependency on technology is rising across the world. The demand for software and digital marketing services is rising with the rising people’s dependence on technology. Microdeft started its journey on 3rd January 2015 with the objective to serve tech startups through innovations and technology. 

According to a report by the World Bank, world’s 59.9% of people in the world use the internet. The world is gradually becoming a digital world. Internet users are rising at a rapid pace.

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There are now 5.07 billion people using the internet across the world which accounts for 63.5% of the total population. With the rising number of internet users, online shopping is rising. People are now more prone to use the internet for online shopping. To improve the experience of people’s online dependency, different tech startups are coming and trying to improve their services. 

App development and download have been rising after the pandemic time as people’s dependence on online for different purposes has risen. The exact number of website listings across the world changes from second to second. The web of e-commerce services is notable. The listing of websites reached the milestone of 1 billion in 2014. According to a report of Netcraft, there are 1139467659 as of July 2022 which was 1167715133  in January 2022. This report indicates the loss of domains because of the lack of proper use and nurture.  This generates the need for reliable software and digital marketing companies to serve tech startups. 

Different software and digital marketing companies are available in the world with different kinds of services. To enhance the boom of software, and web development, the number of technology-based companies is also rising. And finding reliable digital marketing service provider companies is always challenging. Companies promise to provide excellent services but the actual scenario is different. So, the demand for reliable software and digital marketing is always high. To develop a website and boost the site, there need reliable companies with expert professionals and promising dedication for the clients. 

To help tech start-up businesses, Microdeft offers different web and digital marketing services including software development, web development, app development, SEO and digital marketing, graphic design, and backup and security services. 

On 3rd January 2023, Microdeft celebrated its 8th anniversary. The company is serving clients globally with excellent performance through its associates’ dedication. The company has ensured 98% of client satisfaction. There are a handful and expertise teams who work virtually and physically to serve the clients’ purposes. The company is promising to bring more excellent and innovative services for the clients in the upcoming days’ based on its previous experiences. 

Microdeft’s CEO Saif Ahamed Turzo mentioned that “we are adapting to new technologies to build digital products and continuously implementing AI for digital marketing and software services”. Microdeft CEO also shared their future goal “we have successfully completed over 2000 projects where we gained 98% client satisfaction. We started our journey with 3 employees and now we have over 100 employees. We aimed to achieve more than 5000 projects and we want to create more than 500 new job opportunities by 2025. 

Shopping Corner has been taking service from Microdeft since 2016. They have made our website and mobile app. We are now taking their digital marketing services. We are satisfied with their service. They delivered services as per our requirements – Sakiba Haque, CEO, Shopping Corner. 


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