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Musical Prodigy Skaivi Drops Her New Single ‘Gdzieś We Śnie’


Gdzie We nie by Skaivi

19-year-old Chicago-based electronic music producer Skaivi has released her enchanting new electronic music track ‘Gdzieś We Śnie’, or ‘Somewhere in a Dream’ in English.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Jan 7, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – A perfect fusion of her love for music and her innate creativity, the talented music producer Skaivi has released her newest electronic music track ‘Gdzie We nie’ which translates to ‘Somewhere in a Dream’. There is a devoted heartfeltness in the track as well as a euphoric intricacy that creates a perfect oxymoronic juxtaposition of a soundscape that is both quiet and calm, and, at the same time, filled with excitement and euphoria. The track meanders smoothly while also painting a vivid picture of beauty and serenity in the minds of the listener. The unfiltered beauty of this dance music track stands as a symbol of the eclectic creative prowess of the artist.

Gdzie We niestands apart in its brilliantly crafted canvas of mellow beats and abundance of space which builds into a journey of familiarity and intrigue. The opening of the track begins with a mystical aura that sets the mood of the song and gradually fades, only to be rejuvenated with new vigorous and groovy beats at the 48-second mark. The uninhibited creative flair that weaves together threads of refreshing synths and rhythm provides a sense of comfort and nostalgia that is almost reminiscent of the works of Alan Walker. As the track builds up, a realm of engaging simplicity and unity is created.

From experimenting on her phone’s GarageBand to creating a track that is winning the hearts of audiences worldwide, the 19-year-old Chicago-based electronic music producer Skaivi is definitely a bright rising star on the musical horizon. Though her primary inclination is towards electronic music, the artist is definitely on board with dabbling in the music of different genres. Her previous singles ‘Mystic’ and ‘Tech Fairy’ have also won her great admiration from listeners. One can listen to her tracks on Spotify, Apple Music, and also on her website. Check her out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all major updates. Also, subscribe to her channel on YouTube.

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