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Pre-Registration For Life Makeover Starts Now! Get Your Ticket To This Romantic Journey!



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bangkok, Thailand Jan 11, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – PRE-REGISTRATION FOR LIFE MAKEOVER STARTS NOW! GET YOUR TICKET TO THIS ROMANTIC JOURNEY!

Today, Life Makeover starts pre-registration in Google Play and iOS App Store in the SEA region. As the AAA Console Quality Simulation and Dress Up Game, reviewed and commented on by IGN editor, Life Makeover welcomes players. This limitless dress-up and social simulation game is ready to send players to the infinite world of romance, where you could create your very own avatar, customize dress-up and makeup, design one-and-only garments by yourself, build your dream house, and chill with your besties! Life Makeover also prepares a whole new video for pre-registration, conveying the concept of ‘Start Living Your Dream Life With Life Makeover Right Now’!

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Click to Pre-register’https://yslzm-seareal.onelink.me/wcP9/e71326b0

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/LifeMakeover 
Video Link:
CREATE AVATAR: Make your own character’

One of the best in a virtual world is creating a character you can call your own! Life Makeover allows players to create their own appearance in every facial detail and define their own beauty from a variety of skin tones to body shapes. Make-up is another big piece of the fashion puzzle, and Life Makeover offers countless options for players to customize their unique make-up, which may even inspire a real-world makeover. From head to toe, Life Makeover give you the full options to express your personal beauty in the virtual world, whatever that may be.

FASHION GARMENT: Unlock fashion styles.’

As a limitless dress-up game, thousands of outfits are a definite must. Life Makeover makes the best of making players feel as though they are the top designers with access to a wide range of high-quality clothing that could dress up your avatar. From various exquisite dresses and magnificent to the latest fashion items and one-and-only vintage couture are all waiting for you. You could fulfill all your fantasies and expectations of beauty.

Ultra-realistic Fabrics and Stunningly Clothing’

Life Makeover adopts Unreal Engine 4 technology to make everything highly detailed and realistic. No matter how intricate the model and clothing are, they all can be shown vividly in the game. The previous videos show numerous resplendent outfits, from a lightweight sheer dress with exquisite jewelry to cyberpunk streetwear, they are just like real clothes. With the aim of making clothing indistinguishable from its real-life counterpart, Life Makeover allows players access to the highest-quality clothing as well as jewelry and accessories.

DESIGN BY YOURSELF: Design one-and-only fashion garment.’

Players can not only choose outfits from their fashion wardrobes but also have a chance to realize the dream of being a stylist, by making their own clothes from fabric all the way to finished product, including placement, marking, cutting, sewing, printing, etc. This means players will have access to fabrics including cotton, linen, leather, yarn, embroidery, and much more to craft the clothing of their dream.

DREAM HOUSE: Style your unique home.’

Building an avatar and trying on exquisite garments are exciting but not enough, Life Makeover pushes your creativity one step further. With the home system, you could build your own dream house, in the style of a luxury penthouse, modern house, tranquil farmhouse and etc. From grounding up and personalizing layouts, to furnishing and decorating every room, you could build the house of your dream!

SOCIAL LIFE: Chill with your besties.’

Once finishing the avatar and home creations, you are able to experience versatile interactions in Life Makeover’s limitless universe. You could meet other players, invite your besties to come over for afternoon tea, and throw home parties to enjoy weekend nights with others! What about taking your pets to your bestie’s home and so much more?

No.1 in Mobile Game Ranking’

As another breakthrough product by Archosaur Games, Life Makeover has been pre-registered by 150 million players across the globe and was ranked No.1 in App Store free game in Japan and many countries/regions.

Life Makeover today starts pre-registration in SEA and players can pre-register for the game on its Google Play Store and Apple App Store page. More in-game rewards are waiting after the campaign hits a certain milestone! Call your friends to pre-register now!

More updates related to Life Makeover Global Version is coming soon! And in the future, this game will release on multiple systems and devices globally.

Pre-reg: https://yslzm-seareal.onelink.me/wcP9/e71326b0

Discord: https://discord.gg/Rj4dYTgw3s

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@LifeMakeover

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifemakeover_sea/

Official Website: https://lifemakeover.archosaur.com/


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