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Be Pandemic Ready with These Smart Medical Equipment with leading provider Aid-Assist


Augsburg Shower commode chair for children

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Melbourne, Victoria Jan 13, 2023 ( – Aid-Assist is a leading provider of healthcare equipment and assistive technology for Hospitals, Residential Aged-Care Facilities, Home & Community Care and Rehabilitation, and other medical devices at affordable prices with uncompromised quality standards.

With COVID, diseases, and fevers becoming the most popular words worldwide, it has become essential to be self-aware and medically independent. After all, is it feasible nowadays to be a frequent visitor of hospitals laden with patients? Of course not. Not with the multitudes of potential ailments harboring humans roaming around. As harsh as that may sound, it’s the reality of contemporary society. This is where Aid-Assist products can most impeccably assist you. Self-diagnostic devices can help you tangibly garner your exact bodily situation with blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, and various scopes. Then there is life-saving medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators and essential bodily supports such as medical chairs.

Mobile Commode Chair for Children

Perhaps the most important function our body needs to survive is digestion, which cannot be facilitated if our near and dear ones face difficulties in using the washroom. The Robotec Bonn Commode Chair has been made quite user-friendly and developed with considerable foresight. As your child develops and gains height, weight, and width, Rebotec Bonn Mobile Shower Commode Chair can be adjusted accordingly. The bright and vivid colors naturally appeal to children. Practicality brims in the Robotec Bonn Commode Chair. Seats are comfortable, with an adequate opening for fecal release, and the arms can be swung over to mount or unmount your kid quickly. The wheels are sturdy and freely movable, while the chair is built robustly with solid-grade plastic. Whatever kind of temporary or permanent affliction, such as nerve injuries, fractures, or walking disabilities, your child may be going through, this Robotec chair will come in as their savior.

Medical Diagnostic Devices

Easy diagnosis of various bodily parameters can be made via our range of various medical diagnostic devices. Thermometers are the most basic form of diagnostic devices that measure bodily temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Various kinds are available, and keeping in line with the element of social distancing, infrared thermometers, with the ability to scan accurate surface temperatures from a distance, can be of great aid to you. Blood pressure monitors are another utility that has become indispensable in daily living. Especially as high blood pressure is an almost invisible, slow, deadly condition. Hand-held digital BP monitors could be used easily, or if you wish to opt for manual instruments such as sphygmomanometers those can be equally effective.

Let us look at various devices in detail –

Blood Pressure Monitors

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Hypertension is a prevalent condition affecting millions. To keep a close watch, modern digital Blood Pressure Monitors Devices and blood pressure machines come incredibly handy. Various reputed monitors from Omron and Scian are available in ergonomic designs. These are medically accredited professional devices calibrated to monitor blood pressure with pinpoint accuracy. These can be used on the upper arm or the wrist as you deem fit. The digital displays come with additional features such as pulse monitoring and common heart ailment detection.


Handheld Ophthalmoscopes can act as a real-time deterrent for any eye-related complications. It’s sized the same as a small baton and works in principle the same as an endoscope, the device used to inspect the throat. In fact, it is the inspiration for the endoscope and is used to magnify optic details that are otherwise hard to notice, such as the optic disc, the fundus, the optic nerve, the retina along with the vasculature and other parts situated at the back of the eye. It has two viewing windows one on the patient side and the observation window. Bright light is flashed onto the patient’s eye for a clear image.

This ophthalmoscope diagnostic devices can be incredibly useful for those routine checkups, especially for small children and the elderly in your household, who may otherwise become afflicted with some latent eye ailment. The eye is a primary sense organ that is mostly neglected, being always focused upon an illuminated computer or mobile screen, so this is not only useful but can potentially save you a lot of medical expenses. After all, health is wealth. The smart contraption is run on regular AA batteries and can be stored, used, and carried along anywhere quite easily. We have specialized Ophthalmoscopes diagnostic devices online with filters to screen the light intensity for a comfortable diagnosis, and state-of-the-art optics to give you the best image quality that can meet the eye!

Vital Signs Monitors

Modern science has taken bodily monitoring to new heights. Vital signs such as heart rate can now be monitored with so much ease that may have seemed impossible just a decade ago. These can measure a number of vital values such as blood pressure through non-invasive techniques such as oscillometry with a measuring range of 10-270mmHg.

Electrocardiograph aka ECG with 7-leads waveform displays can be monitored on high-resolution color screens. All the bells and whistles that one expects from ECG monitoring are included. Up to 300 bpm can be recorded, and up to 72 hours of detailed analysis can be assessed with just a click. Whether your patient is a neonatal or an adult this will work perfectly for both.

Of course, there’s the SPO2 monitor built in with excellent levels of accuracy measuring on the scale of 0-100%. The pulse rate monitor accompanies the instrument as well. Another vital sign i.e., respiration can be measured for both children and adults. There’s even an apnea alarm inside the device.

This is an excellent monitoring system that can be used effectively across hospitals, homes, or clinical care. The displays are high-quality Liquid Crystal Displays, ranging from comfortable 8 inches to a roomy 12.1-inch size. The most widely used aspect of the Vital Signs Monitors is the detection of Arrhythmia along with S-T segment analysis. All of these monitors are grouped together in one device to bring you a super medical diagnostic device all in one.

Other medical diagnostic devices

Otoscopes are small cone-shaped devices that can be used to clear ear wax. These are especially useful for small children and infants who need their ear canals cleared without being a hassle to them. A small but useful device!

With various respiratory diseases literally abounding in the air, spirometry is another way to gauge and diagnose the functioning of your lungs. Speaking of lungs, stethoscopes should also be a part of any modern household and not just clinics, as it’s robust, time-tested Medical Devices that come in handy to detect a lot of internal ails. All in all, health is no longer a costly venture and diagnosis can easily be done anywhere.

Assist are committed to delivering quality Medical devices, Daily living aids cutting-edge.

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