Lise Couture, BA, BEd, Spec Ed, Ear Reflexologist in Private Practice – Instructor for Auriculomedicine.


Get to know Ear Reflexologist & Instructor for Auriculomedicine Ms. Lise Couture, who serves clients in Waiparous and Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Jan 30, 2023 ( – Ms. Couture is a highly trained ear reflexologist currently working at her private practice in Waiparous, Alberta, and is part of a professional team in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. She also trains practitioners who are interested in her holistic approach using Dr. Paul Nogier’s protocol.

Her professional approach is based on using Nogier’s basics for the response between the micro body, the ear, and the macro body. She is mastering the pulse, the use of filters, and the application of one of Nogier’s FREQUENCIES to treat each of the three ear points triggered during a session. Then, seeds or beads are applied to the chosen points on the ears. Afterward, it is up to the patient to gently trigger these points for the next three weeks following the visit. 

Known for being very compassionate, Ms. Couture works with love and devotion to help her clients regain their health. 

With children, she strives to balance: With adults, she aims to alleviate:

ADH allergies

allergies asthma

asthma dyslexia

dyslexia digestion

digestion fibromyalgia

migraine insomnia

motor skills migraines

otitis Parkinson’s

phobia phobias

others scars




With an impressive academic background, Ms. Couture holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees, as well as a specialization in Special Education, which brings a unique perspective to her practice. She performed her internships in Auriculomedicine in Windsor Ontario, Lyon, France, and in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From 1984 until 1985, she worked as a teacher in the Early Childhood Education Program at Boreal College in Sudbury, Ontario. Two years later, in 1987, she earned a degree from the Acupuncture Institute in Windsor, Ontario, under the supervision of Drs Lloyd McKibbin and Brian Orr.

To stay up-to-date with the latest developments in her field, Ms. Couture remains an active member of the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC). The RAC is a truly national association with members and Provincial Chapters across Canada.

Her areas of research include anatomy, physiology, energetic medicine, and the electric body, as well as the books of Dr. Paul Nogier, Dr. Raphael Nogier, and Anthony De Sousa.

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet, ears, and hands. This is done using thumb, finger, and hand massage techniques without the use of oil or lotion. Reflexologists aim to help health problems by pressing points on people’s feet, hands, or ears, depending on the demand of the client and the specialty of the Therapists. They know by profession, that these points are linked to specific areas of the body, so pressing a certain part of the foot might help backache, for example.  

Throughout her career, Ms. Couture has been recognized as a Doctor of Acupuncture, a Naturopathic Doctor, a Registered Acupuncturist, and a Doula. She has attended many symposiums over the years, and remains in touch with the Lyonnais Group for Medical Studies.

Her book, “Lise Couture, Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist”, is available on Amazon. It intertwines her world of Auriculomedicine and Auriculotherapy using Dr. Paul Nogier’s pulse and frequencies to detect and trigger the points she discovered on the ears. 

Among her philanthropic endeavors, Ms. Couture participated in the March of Dimes in Ottawa in the ’70s to help her brother, Phillippe, who was born with cerebral palsy, get a better wheelchair for his own comfort. She also went with him to Lourdes in France for a pilgrimage, organized by Jean Vanier. 


  • she participated in activities organized by Jean Vanier’s homes for challenged individuals  
  • visited Dr. Myriam Gak, a pediatrician in Buenos Aires to see how this devoted woman  had organized the “Sanatorium for Asthmatic Children” with a team of specialized people   in the lung field
  • took Doula training in Ottawa to allow her to tune in better, within the world of maternity
  • assisted at the emotional level, as a Doula, three mothers giving birth  to their first child

Being born into a family of nine, Ms. Couture has lived through many different types of childrens’ diseases such as eczema, cerebral palsy, and Down Syndrome during the last World War ll. Beyond her professional qualifications, she attributes her success to lots of love, attention, devotion, and family life she experienced in those challenging days for her parents and siblings.

Being active in the Girl Guides for a twelve-year period helped her to develop the pleasure to learn and socialize. At a young age, she dreamed of joining a nunnery to be able to work in Africa as a teacher or a volunteer. For that dream to come true, she gave herself a try with a Congregation and after four and a half years of training in Dorval, Québec,  she chose to go back into the world of lay people. 

Spirituality was still longing for Ms. Couture and between the years of 1988  to 2002, she had a chance to feed that need when a group of Unity Church in Tallahassee, Florida, offered “The Course in Miracle” as the basics for training as Ordained Minister for Healing and Teaching. In Canada, she had the possibility to be part of a group that got ordained from the Order of Melchizedek after a period of training in Sudbury, Ontario.

She finds that her curiosity, balance in life, 25 years of teaching experience in special education, and passion for her field have all helped her to find a way of opening up painful blockages,  in the body and offer the possibility of  “freedom of pain”.

On a more personal note, Ms. Couture enjoys hiking, walking, swimming, chatting with people, reading, watching TV, and traveling. Her favorite place to vacation is in Florida, where the sun, the sand, and the palm trees regenerate her Self and where she can meet again some of her very special friends. Likewise, her favorite publications include all of the professional authors of Auricular medicine or energetic medicine from all around the world. 

Being bilingual in English and French has always served Ms. Couture very well and still does in a career where communication and knowledge are what make the healing smoother.

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