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Marcus D. Spencer has joined the cast of the new sci-fi horror film ‘Alien Storm’


In this Sci-Fi Horror, BIG SPENCE finds himself in Vegas dodging aliens

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Feb 9, 2023 ( – Touch The Heart Productions has proudly announced that its founder and renowned American filmmaker, Marcus D. Spencer (BIG SPENCE) has joined the cast of the exciting new horror film full of science fiction action. The title of this Sci-Fi Horror film is Alien Storm
and it is currently filming in Las Vegas, Nevada. Portraying the role of ‘Stanley’, the Straight Outta Oakland star finds himself in Vegas dodging aliens, with an exciting plot and a captivating storyline.

Stanley is a rich and powerful man with lots of influence that also has the brains to match. Rounding out the cast is Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead), Tom Arnold (Madea’s Witness Protection), WWE Superstars; Accor Julius Connors D-Lo Brown‘ & Charles Wright ‘The Godfather‘ as well as musicians Fre$h and Saint Heart.

In addition, this sci-fi-horror film is being directed by Adam Werth and it follows a husband and wife, Frank & Ohpelia McConnely (Robert Standley & Laura Mason), who has a secret underground bunker. During the night of a huge political party an assumed to be deadly fog arrives and Frank (Standley) escorts the party guest underground to his bunker that looks like a massive underground home. Stanley (Spencer) starts to think something is wrong with the situation as he goes toe to toe with Frank and the mayor of Las Vegas (Arnold). Stanley understands that if he leaves, he can put all the party guests at risk. This film is being produced by Michael and Sunny Mahal of the Mahal Empire.

Spencer with his company Touch The Heart Productions released his latest film Who Needs It?, in January and will be releasing his new film State Of Consciousness, in March 2023.


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