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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Montreal, Quebec Feb 14, 2023 ( – A company logo is a unique identifier that creates interest, helps to build a brand, and enhances visibility. Pixellogo, owned by Raffi T., is helping business owners create their company identity with pre-made and pre-designed 3D templates.

Pixellogo offers non-exclusive 3D templates that individuals can purchase and immediately begin to use. The 3D images can be customized in multiple ways. Individuals can modify the logos to fit their unique needs. Pixellogo will also personalize the color, text, and font to the purchaser’s specifications for a nominal charge of $29.The company accepts special requests for its available logos.

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3D logos are visually appealing. They have depth and dimension, immediately demand attention, and leave a lasting impression. They’re especially effective when used on social media platforms, and in TV marketing, and can be animated. The high-resolution logos at Pixellogo can be saved in an extensive range of formats. Logo options are available for every industry and are equally applicable to non-profit organizations, institutions, and agencies. Individuals can choose from curated designer fonts.

With the company’s 3D logo creator, anyone can manage their company’s image. Individuals can search logos by price, best-selling, and alphabetically. Business owners have a comprehensive number of logo categories and sub-categories from which to choose. Affordably priced, individuals can select logos from the abstract to the futuristic.

It’s important that official communications from a company reflect its logo for continuity. The 3D logo templates available at Pixellogo can be used on company letterhead. The agency provides printing of company letterhead and envelopes for a thoroughly professional appearance.

Pixellogo is changing the way that business owners create interest in their company, build their brand, and create customer loyalty. A logo plays a critical role in a company’s founding and demonstrates to potential clients that the company is professional. Pixellogo provides an affordable way to accomplish those goals with its easy-to-use 3D logo creator.

About Pixellogo

Established in Montreal, Canada, in 2004, Pixellogo is a boutique graphic design consultancy that specializes in logo design, font creation, and corporate identity solutions. The company helps clients ensure they connect with target markets, assure credibility, and create a coherent brand identity. Connect with Pixellogo on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

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