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DirtyBunnyMotel Records has been relaunched better than ever!


DirtyBunnyMotel Records

The Detroit Classic Dirty Bunny is Returning with Shake that Thing!

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Detroit, Michigan Feb 17, 2023 ( – By Satori Tharp: Head of AnR for DirtyBunnyMotel Records

In a Surprise announcement, DirtyBunnyMotel Records was re-launched on Valentines’s Day by the well-known Detroit music scene performer EMH of legendary music group Dirty Bunny, who is known as the innovators of Detroit Dip n Swing music. They are excited to launch DirtyBunnyMotel Records, the newest hottest hybrid record label in the world! Started by Detroit music fixture Eric Herron in 2005, a graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Arts in 1994, who also knew Specs Howard personally. Eric Herron is a co-founder of Dirty Bunny, was the frontman for 90’s Detroit rock band Evolver, former host of America’s Rock Top 5 radio show, and star of the E.M.H Morning Show on the radio. The label website is,

EMH also known as Eric Maverick Herron, was born in Detroit, Michigan has studied the music business under executive mentors such as Senator O’Brien, and Vincent James. Herron has also been released under such labels as Warner, ADA, Sony Orchard, VJ Music Group, Vanda Records, and DirtyBunnyMotel Records. Herron has performed over 3000 live shows in the entertainment business. Herron has also worked with world-famous musicians such as Blunt Technics, Awesome Dre, The Serra Brothers of Hollywood, Danik Thomas, Lyrix III of the Bio-Chemists with J Dilla, Grip Manson, producer Randy Lynch, Ron Terry, Dj Godfather, DJ Invisible, B Stroker, AJ Fashow, Da Heat, Red I Flight, Dee Cernile, and a long list of an artist over decades. Herron recorded Dirty Bunny-Shake That Thing in Santa Monica, California at 4th Street Studios with pioneer in the music business Kathleen Wirt, one of the people involved with the discovery of Incubis. The engineer on the project Neil Couser was involved in Incubis, and many more recording sessions. Herron has made over 100 music videos as a director over his career and has filmed at places such as House of Blues, and Hard Rock Cafe. Herron was also a resident club Dj in Detroit for over ten years and was well known in Windsor, Canada at the World Famous Danny’s of Windsor. Herron grew up in Romeo, Michigan, a town with well-known singer Bobbie Ritchie also known as Kid Rock. Herron went to high school, used to sing with the now frontman for Stone Temple Pilots Jeff Gutt, and lived in the same area as famous rapper Eminem. Herron was a five-letter winner at Algonac High School in Michigan, and a multi-sport athlete which included football, ice hockey, wrestling, baseball, and marching band, he also auditioned professionally for two different sports.  Eric Herron is very multi-talented. It’s known inside certain music circles about Herron packing up his car with CDs and driving around the country with swag, CDs, posters, and items from Naughty Time Novelty such as lube and other adult items to give to the station program directors so he could get their attention. Herron visited 32 states and 310 radio stations by car and he was alone for 6 months and over 15,000 miles looking for radio stations to give out his music for Dirty Bunny. “He is the most persistent person I’ve ever seen!” said one close friend of Herron’s. He also noted Herron wanted to be the next Howard Stern when Howard retires, and he loved the Stern Show.

Herron’s music partner Damian Pulliam, also known as longtime Detroit producer Blunt Technics has worked with Wu-Tang Clan member Cappadonna. Blunt Tec has teamed up with several Motown artists, and many favorite rappers including Bink, Don Dutch, Stretch Money, Lyrix III, and most of the artists Herron worked with, as they were a team. Herron and Pulliam are the co-founders of the Dirty Bunny group, and had a girl group called the Cottontail Club Girls they toured with to play shows with the Rose Roberts agency in Michigan. As the author, I remember back in the day they’d together gotten the attention of such celebrities as Mick Fleetwood, Andrew Dice Clay, and Sylvia Massey with the Dirty Bunny Music. People have noticed, and the following grew larger. Herron and Pulliam realized the music business was based on money. Herron said, “Because I had the greatest song in the world in my hands at one time, I knew I could use this song one day to brighten lives and put smiles on millions of faces!” he says. “I knew that song would be timeless, I knew that Shake that Thing was a generational song, and I still believe the world needs to hear Dirty Bunny-Shake That Thing!” He also added that one of the other tracks on the EP is one he dedicated to Detroit music Icon Bob Seger, called My Street, which was recorded in California with a friend of Mr. Seger’s, a producer named Senator O’Brien, who was the lead singer of Stateside Blues Rebellion. He along with Pulliam co-produced the album. The final track titled Funk with This on the Ep is one that guitar legend Dee Cernile of Canadian rock band Svengali loved when it was recorded, he, unfortunately, passed away several years later due to terminal cancer, he was also the sound guy for a band such as The Bravery, and Linkin Park for years. He believed these songs were certified hits. As a witness I believe Herron and Pulliam had the original sound from the early 2000’s and influenced a certain sound in music at that time,  fans of the group certainly know.

DirtyBunnyMotel Records is bringing a whole new indie sound, and creativity to record labels. The unique sounds to come out of “The Motel” are ones that have grabbed the attention of the staff and seen the potential of artists who cannot catch the break they need, and are looking for. DirtyBunnyMotel Radio and TV are also bonus sides of the multimedia group that offer different programming and live concerts, as well as a professional gamer team that consists of top-flight gamers that stream content on Twitch. They offer artist services such as distribution, publishing, music videos, recording, mixing, mastering, radio airplay, compilations, and much more. 

The main artist on the label is Herron, and his discography includes hit songs which include Rubber Bouncing Ball, Point of No Return, Shake That Thing, My Street, Coatroom Love, Relax Remix, Merry Very Stoner Christmas, and many more hits. Herron has confirmed there will be a minimum of three albums dropped this year 2023. Herron has also confirmed that the long-awaited Dirty Bunny-Shake that Thing EP will also be released on March 24th, and that’s the tentative date to be in stores. Herron will be releasing several albums, one titled, “Ghosted” and “So You’re a Rapper Now? “and one unnamed other Lp. He will also be releasing some rock material from his lengthy catalog called Electric Chair, which is set to be released on June 24th tentatively. Herron has a bunch of collaborations with various artists, and several singles are being released including Life is Good the song that inspired the past quick MTV Tour he did, and Reggae Son, which is an underground classic. Herron also has another song which is long-awaited called Pussy Pacman, a rap song that has edgy lyrics and catchy words such as nom nom nom nom nom, which are hard to shake from the mind. There are rumors he will also release the tribute to his new beach hometown with the Myrtle Beach remix coming this summer as well. Herron also has tracks being released under comedy with his real-life pirate parody Captain BlackBird called Surrender the Booty, as he is also the star of BlackBeard’s Pirate Cruise, a real pirate ship that sails in Myrtle Beach, Sc. Herron is a professional star pirate actor in the show going on near a decade. He’s well known in the area for being the bad pirate.

It’s also confirmed that Herron will release a track with Flint, Michigan Rapper Grip Manson called Grind for Mine, which is set to be released on 3/29/23, which was made ten years after the hit song Feelgood Music was released and was recorded by Ron Terry, who recorded Tupac and Mc Breed before both rappers passed away. He also produced many other hits. There are several artists rumored to be checking in to the DirtyBunnyMotel such as locally famous singer-comedian SuiCide Jimmy from Myrtle Beach, Sc, and country sensation Jamison Livingston is another hot rumor to be connected to Herron. It’s also been heard that Herron was mentioned in conversation with Detroit Country rocker Scotty Lee Hawkins about his brand-new music, as the two were close friends and hockey teammates back in Detroit. There were also talks of a connection to Trrriptastick of Myrtle Beach, Sc along with another project with Myrtle Beach rapper Grizzly Adams who does work with artist Diamond D. Be sure DirtyBunnyMotel will be the best independent music has to offer the world.

They also offer DirtyBunnyMotel Radio and DirtyBunnyMotel Tv. The radio station airs edgy programming and has over 100 archived on-demand episodes to listen to that are sure to give a laugh or many. The television side offers live concerts that the label puts on nationally, local, and other unique programs that DirtyBunnyMotel Films produces such as the Best Brothers sitcom show, and FoxyCoco and Company, which is a kids’ show. Herron also has several film projects coming out including a director’s documentary, a documentary about his life as an international fully nude male revue star, as well as a short film-music video called Bee My Queen. There will also be a soundtrack hopefully to the film by Herron this year with the same title. 

We asked Herron what his goals were this year, he said,” I’d love to finally get nominated for a Grammy, or I’d be disappointed, especially since I do every aspect of my career including producing, writing, directing, recording label president, designing, products, promotion, handling of artists, signings, deals and pretty much everything that other artists use services for, I’ve sustained over 40 years in this business with awards looking the other way, but I’m putting them on notice that I notice them not noticing me, and I’m just asking them to take a look at my career and my overall body of work. It’s not about exposure, it’s about having the best music in the world. I have songs that would compete with any artist today and yesterday respectfully, but I only try to compete with myself, you could put Dirty Bunny-Shake that Thing against any song in the world, and I would feel it would stand the test of time, and people would enjoy it. It isn’t a contest, it’s about great music, and I have that, but I stay humble and grateful to live my dreams. I’m following the rest of the journey for all of those who had to give up on their dreams to raise families, and work a job they didn’t want. I love my job, which is singing songs!” Herron said. Then he spoke quietly and went back to work as I continue to write, as he was focused on writing his next song.

So as the author, I’m calling on the Grammy Award voters to speak up for Indie music or Indie music will go extinct. Check out EMH, who has followed his dream, so download his music, he needs your support! EMH is naturally an animal rescuer, wants to open a large animal rescue, and has a well-known reputation for animal rescues. So on that note go check out the DirtyBunnyMotel, It’s a magical place! It’s the hottest new label in the world for Indie artists to be heard. They are accepting submissions for their compilation for a small processing fee in all genres, and Cover your Carrot! One World United!!


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