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Enjoy The New Music by Zachary “Trumpet Kid” Durham, Incredibly Enjoyable ‘Mural.Vol2’


The official artwork for Mural Vol2  art by zachary durham

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Feb 23, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – A trumpet is one of those instruments which despite having extreme popularity is not very common and not many people can actually play the trumpet in the right manner. However, those artists who play the trumpet are extremely rare and among them, the unbelievably talented Zachary Durham is someone who has captured the attention of the music industry. He is known as the “Trumped Kid” for his natural talent of playing the instrument with passion. This gifted artist has now released a brand new music project, entitled ‘Mural.Vol2‘ that ideally reflects his natural talent and caliber of mixing different genres. After the release of his third musical project in February, the responses have been positive and support his attempt to make music that presents joy to his listeners.

‘Mural.Vol2’ is the artist’s third musical project and was released on February 20th, it has gained massive appraisal and has attracted listeners from all over the world. Although the artist has been passionate about music and has been playing the trumpet for a very long time, his official debut in the music industry did not happen too long ago. But in this short period of time, the amount of talent and caliber he was able to showcase along with the number of listeners he has gathered is truly commendable. Furthermore, it shows how talented the artist is and proves how hardworking he can truly and adamantly be. The artist is from Brooklyn, New York, and while growing up, he has been inspired by the culture around the city. From street performing to stage performances, Durham has been gathering inspiration and admiration from every corner around him.

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Zachary Durham is known as the Trumpet Kid because, since his childhood, his one true love and passion for music was showcased through his trumpet playing. His love for the instrument is clearly visible in all of his musical projects and the third one is also not an exception. Durham’s latest creation and the example of his artistic exploration, ‘Mural.Vol2’ also has the observable expression of the instrument. However, this project is by far the most intimate musical journey of the artist which led him to explore his deepest emotions in life.

After listening to the entire EP which consists of a total of 6 full-length tracks, the listeners have been impressed and praised the artist non-stop. Zachary Durham’s intention of expressing his vulnerable side and connecting to his audience in a private way through his most intimate project yet is successful. The entire theme of these 6 tracks is centered around several emotions that a human being goes through. Talking about love, lust, heartbreak, and every intense emotion or expression possible, the artist gained triumph by expressing everything so beautifully and connecting to his audience in a special way. In the EP, all six tracks starting from ‘Intro’, ‘Play My Part’, ‘October Blues’, ‘One Cry’, to the ending tracks, ‘Slow Down’ and lastly, ‘Subtract Me, Delete Us’ of the tracks carry intimate pieces of the artist’s life and emotions.

The listeners can feel love and heartbreak, and all the in-betweens, everything in one EP, and the emotional journey that the artist has taken them to can be described as inimitable. The songs are enriched with vulnerable and ever-expressive lyrics which are beautifully crafted to give the listeners the sense of how the artist is coming with the heartbreak. Along with it, the heavenly vocals and the passionate composition, make the tracks even more unparalleled. The EP is out now and is available on Spotify. Give it a listen and enjoy the emotionally rollercoaster journey of love and heartbreak with the talented trumpet kid, Zachary Durham.


Zachary Durham
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